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    Toxic Timeout: Butylparaben

    What Is It? If you’re anything like us, this current seasonal change has your skin doing a double-take: weather, lifestyle changes, and all those little seasonal surprises can sure take a toll on our sensitive derm. And when your skin’s health is looking grim, it’s usually an over-the-counter medication or treatment we reach for first. Most of these contain butylparaben: a synthetic antifungal preservative used in most cosmetic and skin care products, from spot treatments to skin creams.
    Health Risk: The problem with buytlparabens is way more than skin deep. These synthetic parabens mimic estrogen, and therefore may alter the delicate balance of hormones within your body. Traces of butylparaben have even been found in breast cancer cells – and could be responsible for the growth of these cancerous cells. Our take on this is to stay away: your endocrine system is way too precious to be tampered with, especially when there are safer, cheaper, more natural options.
    How To Avoid It: With the amount of high-quality natural products on the market, it has thankfully become easy to keep our skin cool, calm and collected! We love Amala‘s ginger-infused blemish treatment when things get messy, and Wedderspoon‘s Manuka Honey for the sweetest face mask around. Looking for an even simpler swap? Rub a lemon half onto your skin before going to bed or dab a bit of tea tree oil on the problem areas. Sensitive skin? Never fear! For more diluted versions of these solutions, you can squeeze some lemon juice (or drop some tea tree oil) into water, place into an empty spray bottle, and mist over your face before bedtime. Now to find the perfect red lip to compliment that gorgeous Autumn glow you’ve got going on…


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    1. How long would a spray bottle of lemon & water last in the refrigerator? Also, I use filtered water but keep hearing about distilled water. Is there a difference?

      Thanks for always having great articles!

      Natalie Johnston | 10.15.2013 | Reply
      • Hi Natalie, water types and quality is a BIG issue. There is so much to discuss. Stay tuned for more on h2o from us soon!

        The Chalkboard | 10.16.2013 | Reply

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