aspartame dangers

What Is It? Sodas, sweeteners and candy, oh my! And that’s just the beginning. Aspartame is a non-caloric artificial sweetener made up of methanol, phenylalanine and aspartic acid that is used in thousands of products worldwide. Yes, thousands.

Health Risk: The health risks associated with aspartame are grave. Studies have found a scary connection between the consumption of aspartame and the development of cancerous brain tumors. It is also extremely harmful to people with diabetes – which is particularly alarming, due to the fact that diabetics might be looking to aspartame-containing products as sugar substitutes. Not only does it make sugar levels more difficult to control, but aggravates diabetes-related conditions related to vision, brain function and the stomach. It can also lead to depression – with dangerous psychological side effects.

Think that’s bad enough? Think again. Other health risks include blindness, serious birth defects, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, cataracts, seizures, and fatal nervous system damage.

Non-Toxic Alternatives To Try: We are passionate about avoiding all toxins, but please, we especially advise you to steer clear of aspartame. In this day and age, we have so many wonderful non-toxic sweet treats to choose from! We are huge fans of stevia (psst…so is former Guest Editor, Natalia Rose, who prefers NuNaturals’ brand!), honey and coconut sugar in particular.

Looking to make your own no-sugar non-toxic concoctions? Try this delish honey- or brown-rice-syrup-filled banana bread, or even stevia-sweetened ice cream. And we love to use Coconut Blossom Sugar in shakes and puddings! Stay sweet!

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