We can always count on NYC foodie extraordinaire, Kat Odell, to point us in the direction of a new edible obsession (or twenty). While normally, we’re left lusting across the country (from LA to NYC), this time she has us seconds away from packing our bags for Costa Rica where this poke bowl awaits. In the mean time, we’re getting a taste of this refreshing tropical treat below…

Location: Las Catalinas, Costa Rica.

What I Ate: Casa Chameleon at Las Catalinas’ poke bowl with fried plantain and taro-root chips.

Why I Ate It: Because poke isn’t just a thing in the U.S., it’s a thing in Costa Rica, too. And Las Catalinas – both the name of an up-and-coming beachy town about 45 minutes southwest of the Liberia airport into the jungle, and also the name of Casa Chameleon hotel group’s newest property – excels in clean eats of this nature. From a.m. overnight oats studded with local fruit, to the above-pictured beaut, not only does the property offer stunning views with an infinity pool that looks like it’s spilling into the Pacific Ocean, but also an overall attention to wellness and sustainability.

Why You Need It: Because poke doesn’t need to always involve rice. Las Catalinas offers a lighter poke bowl with local greens in place of traditional grains. That plus addictive house-made plantain and taro chips will make you forget tortillas.

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