Do you eat healthfully at home, but break all the rules when it comes to eating out? There may be more healthy restaurants in Los Angeles per square mile than any other city we know of, but there are a ton of indulgent options too and keeping focused can be a battle.

We asked fourteen nutritionists, trainers, and other wellness pros we love to tell us where they’re eating out lately and what they’re craving on the menu. Let their answers to inspire you and let us know your favorite place to catch a green juice, matcha or quinoa bowl in the comments below!

Shiva RoseShiva Rose, The Local Rose

Inaka | I crave this when I’m wanting a very clean, macrobiotic, detoxifying meal. The 5 veggie combo plate and the pumpkin squash are always amazing

Simone De La Rue, Body By Simone

Fresh Corn Grill | My favorite healthy spot for food is Fresh Corn Grill in Westwood. I am obsessed with the salmon tacos in lettuce leaves with a side of root vegetables.

Dr Deepika Chopra, Optimism Psychologist

Erewhon Market | For a quick, easy, healthy (not cheap though) bite during the week I go to Erewhon Market Cafe by the Grove – they have the best selection of organic and gluten-free, dairy-free snacks or meals. I love their gluten free oatmeal in the morning or the coconut kale smoothie, and I get a combo plate of a protein and two sides for lunch from their hot prepared deli (the buffalo cauliflower and vegan gf mac n cheese are some of my fall favorites right now).

Meredith Baird, Nourished Journal

Gjusta | Perhaps not clearly defined as ‘healthy’ my favorite restaurant go-to is Gjusta. You can eat as healthy or indulgent as you would like there, and it’s the perfect place for casual meetings.  Their gluten-free banana buckwheat bread for breakfast is so good (they don’t label it as gf, but it is).  My lunch order is usually the fermented grain bowl which has rice and fermented veggies , avocado and an egg. And I always have either a matcha latte or americano with steamed housemade nut milk whenever I’m there. The chocolate mousse made with avocado is also awesome. Its really the perfect mix of things of all things good.

Suzanne Hall, The Chalkboard Mag

Sweetfin | I love the salmon sashimi bowl from Sweetfin. Kelp noodles, kale salad, salmon sashimi, seaweed salad, avocado, pickled ginger and a ton of veggies.

Lorna Jane, fitnesswear guru

Butcher’s Daughter | My favorite restaurant in L.A. right now would have to be Butchers Daughter on Abbott Kinney. I love going for a morning hike and then sitting down for a leisurely breakfast with friends. I always start with their Liquid Vitality Shot and then it’s a choice between their avocado toast or acai bowl which are both equally delicious and nourishing!

Erica Chidi Cohen, Loom

Sycamore Kitchen | Favorite go to healthy lunch spot is Sycamore Kitchen and I always get the chopped salad. Call me a creature of habit. It’s pretty much the most un-boring chop salad ever: roasted slivered almonds, yellow beets, grilled chicken, kale and radicchio and little bit of parmesan. So good.

Carly DeCastro, Pressed Juicery

Cafe Vida | I love Cafe Vida because I can take my whole family there. I get the Veggie Bowl with brown rice and tofu. Sounds boring, but tastes delicious!

Jordan Younger, The Balanced Blonde

Cafe Gratitude | Considering I go to Cafe Gratitude as often as humanly possible – which usually is about 3 times a week – it’s definitely at the top of my list. I love all of their healthy, organic options but also that they have food that satisfies my non-health-nut friends. I almost always get the “I Am Whole” bowl – a macrobiotic bowl with all of the veggie and grain goodness! Plus, their garlic tahini is what I live for.

Kelly LeVeque, Be Well By Kelly

Farm Shop | I know it’s silly, but if you have that wild salmon or succulent organic chicken and a couple fun vegetable sides like their slaw or vegetable salad you will totally get it. They elevate simplicity with fresh herbs and light clean oils.

Ashley Neese, breathwork coach

Inaka | I get a plate of louts root, burdock, kale, kabocha squash, brown rise and seaweed. The burdock and lotus roots are some of the best I’ve eaten! I order this because they prepare their veggies to perfection and I always feel great after eating here. I love that I can order a delicious meal out in L.A., something that is like what I would make for myself at home.

Amanda Bacon, Moon Juice

Baroo | I love me some pickled red onion with rose, seaweed, and elderflower kombucha.

Lacy Phillips, Free + Native

Ostrich Farm | My absolute favorite spot in L.A. is Ostrich Farm in Echo Park. It’s quaint and well designed. I always get the liver pate and arugula shaved fennel salad.

Shira Lenchewski MS, RD, ShiraRD

Sycamore Kitchen  | One of my all-time favorite L.A. lunches is the Sycamore Kitchen Italian chop.  I order mine sans cheese and beets (this has nothing to do with nutrition, I’m just one of the few people on planet earth that isn’t a beet fan).  The salad is loaded with fresh radicchio, kale and cabbage, and has ample clean protein from the chicken, but the real star of the show is the simple lemon herb vinaigrette, which is so light and bright and I wish they sold by the jug.

What are your favorite healthy restaurants – in L.A. or otherwise? Let us know in the comments below!

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