There’s nothing more cozy than time spent holiday cooking. We even love those major grocery shopping trips that require a pre-stretch and the perfect sweater. We only buy pumpkins, cranberries and sage a few times a year and there’s something about it that gives us a major thrill.

Even with all our enthusiasm, the stress of those monumental grocery receipts can be very real. Sometimes it leads us to those existential moments in the grocery store aisle where we feel forced to choose between clean eating and financial sanity.

Lately, we’re leaning hard on new grocery obsession, Thrive Market. Shopping online means all we need to do is shop for the pretty stuff (produce and fresh goods!) and the incredible price breaks they’ve managed to provide are a complete game changer.

Here are ten healthy swaps we’re making for holiday staples, from gluten-free corn bread to turkey bone broth, that allow us to eat all the traditional foods without anything processed – and for the best price possible… 

10 Healthy Upgrades for Holiday Cooking Staples

 Pacific Foods Organic Turkey Bone Stock | Setting aside our affinity for the health benefits of bone broth, stock serves as the flavor foundation for the most classic recipes, from stuffing to soup. The organic stamp on this one makes it that much better… LEARN MORE

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Cornbread Mix | Cornbread is too classic to pass on. We love this gluten-free cornbread mix both because it makes for cleaner eating and because it simplifies the baking process to cook with a mix! Enjoy it on it’s own or as the star of this amazing stuffingLEARN MORE

 Redmond Real Salt | Salt is our secret ingredient for truly flavorful food, but it’s important to get the right salt! Natural, unprocessed pink and grey salts are light years ahead of their white processed counterparts when it comes to health benefits! Invest in a new, trace mineral packed salt like this one and feel better about cooking with it all day. LEARN MORE

 Emperor’s Kitchen Chopped Garlic | Save yourself some chopping time and effort with a little jar of pre-cut fresh garlic. We love this ingredient for a flavor boost to just about everything from mashed potatoes (or one of these healthy alternatives) to a perfectly spiced salad dressing. Plus the immunity benefits with this stuff are through the roof. LEARN MORE

 Thrive Market Ghee |  Ghee is another incredible healthy cooking staple to keep on hand always, but especially during the holidays. Slather some under turkey skin for a perfectly crisp texture or drop a dollop onto some veggies pre-roasting to help carry their natural flavor. Full of good fats, full of flavor. LEARN MORE

 Pacific Foods Organic Turkey Gravy | Let’s face it, gravy is never really that healthy but Thanksgiving wouldn’t feel complete without it. If we’re gonna go for it, we’re going for this totally natural and organic version like this one with no questionable fillers. LEARN MORE

Arrowhead Mills Organic Savory Herb Stuffing | We whip up stuffing for the delicious tradition of it, not the nutrition factor. But this mix takes us one step closer to the healthy side of things with a short list of ingredients we feel comfortable cooking with – no mystery ingredients included. LEARN MORE

Thrive Market Organic Medjool Dates | Dates are a wonderfully clean alternative to sugar – a major save when it comes to baking healthier holiday desserts. Dates are perfect for fall and winter dessert recipes like these decadent chocolate tarts and dreamy cherry cookies. We also love to put a good greens and grains salad made with dates and nuts out on the table! LEARN MORE

Pacific Foods Organic Cranberry Sauce |  Cranberry sauce is a perfectly tart-meets-sweet pairing for all the savory goodness of a Thanksgiving feast. We love that this one has a simple and natural ingredient list, as well as whole cranberries that work great on the plate, but ever better in a leftovers smoothie like this oneLEARN MORE

 Pumpkin Pie Kit | Pumpkin pie is the grand prize of making it through the Thanksgiving meal (and/or hosting experience). We have a few favorite recipes (like this and this) but this kit cuts the hassle of gathering the ingredient of a from-scratch endeavor, without compromising any of that homemade purity. Genius! LEARN MORE

TRY THRIVE MARKET FOR FREE | Thrive Market is offering all TCM readers a free 30-day trial membership and a free jar of coconut oil with your first order! Claim your gift here and activate your month-long trial at check-out…

This post is brought to you by Thrive Market, a membership community that uses the power of direct buying to deliver the world’s best healthy food and natural products to members at wholesale prices, and to sponsor free memberships for low-income American families.

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