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Vitamin C, CoQ10, Chlorella, Cranberry extract…with so many different supplements on the market, how do we even begin to decide what’s right for us? Every supplement sounds like something essential for a more healthy body, but which supplements do we really need to be taking?

Daily supplements are more than just a good recommendation, in this modern age, they’re a necessity. Supplements are meant to, you guessed it, supplement your diet, filling in the gaps where the your nutritional intake falls short. There is much controversy over whether supplements are necessary, especially if you eat a clean, organic, nutrient-rich diet. Our stance? Everyone should consider taking at least these few basics.

Our food is not what it used to be – reports have indicated an average of 50% decline in nutrients since the 1930s – and our bodies are faced with stressors on a daily basis that have never existed until now. We are calling upon the body for more nutritional support than ever in order to offset both the toxic nature of our lifestyles and the deficiencies that have arisen as a result. Unfortunately, the nutrients we need most are not as readily available in our everyday foods, and the incorporation of live-source, whole food supplements into our daily regimen has become essential to support the body.

Feel overwhelmed by the supplement aisles at your favorite market? Never fear. Take a peek into our medicine cabinet as we walk you through our daily must-haves!

Note: The golden rule for choosing supplements is to purchase only food-based, non-synthetic ones without added fillers, binders and toxic preservatives. They must be in liquid or powder form, or in a vegetable capsule. No tablets here!

The Top 5 Supplements You Should Be Taking Now

Unrefined sea salt

Contrary to common belief, unrefined sea salt is essential for your health. Unlike common table salt, unrefined sea salt has not been bleached, refined or stripped of its minerals. It provides the basic and trace minerals that are no longer found in food, which are needed for almost every function from a proper heartbeat and bowel movement, to muscle contraction and relaxation, to fluid and electrolyte balance. Furthermore, sea salt provides the chloride fraction needed for hydrochloric acid (HCL) production in the stomach. HCL is necessary for digestion  a deficiency can lead to acid reflux  and it also acts as a disinfectant, protecting your body from any foreign pathogenic (i.e. parasite, bacteria) material that may be present in food. Can we say food poisoning protection?

TCM Pick: Pink Salt by Premier Research Labs

Daily Multi-Vitamin

Every cell and metabolic function in the body (including the process of detoxification), requires a slew of vitamins and minerals. In today’s toxic environment, it is much harder to keep those nutrients available. First off, our nutrients are being used up more quickly to offset our constant exposure to toxins, chemicals, and stress, and our food does not contain the levels of nutrients to support that loss. Therefore, it is imperative to take a multi-vitamin (food-based only) that can fill that void and provide the nutrients needed for optimal functioning.

TCM Pick: Ormus Greens Powder by Sunwarrior

Essential Fatty Acid

Essential fatty acids are necessary for making the membranes of every cell in our body, and without healthy fats our cells become highly vulnerable to pathogenic and toxic materials that lead to chronic disease, cancer and other symptoms.

Essential fatty acids are also needed for normal hormone production, controlling a multitude of functions including, fertility, sleep, energy, and a beautiful appearance. In addition, they also support the brain (clear thinking, a happy mood, memory), control inflammation, and eyesight. Unfortunately, due to the high levels of bad fats in the diet (trans fatty acids, fried fats, rancid vegetable oils), essential fatty acids are needed now more than ever to offset the negative side effects of our exposure.

TCM Pick: EPA/DHA Essentials by Pure Encapsulations

Vitamin D3

It is now widely recognized that the human population is highly deficient in the critical fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin D. Due to modern-day lifestyles of sunscreen use and indoor living/working, we are simply not receiving enough direct sunlight for adequate vitamin production. Furthermore, due to the poor gallbladder function of most Americans, vitamin D is not being properly absorbed and converted for use by the body, leading to the necessity of higher levels of supplementation.

Vitamin D is vital to activate the immune system (preventing cold/flu), is required for calcium metabolism and therefore bone health, and helps to regulate blood sugar. It is also needed for mood stability and muscle function, and plays a role in disease and cancer prevention.

TCM Pick: D3 Serum by Premier Research Labs


Antioxidants are the new vitamin and mineral. They are our offense to living in our toxic world, are vital to maintaining optimal health and for preventing disease, cancer and rapid aging. They are no longer seen as an “extra” to our diet plan, but an “essential” component, as we are breathing, eating, drinking, and applying toxins daily.

Antioxidants combat free radicals, which form in the body naturally and also come from exposure to toxins. Free radicals can cause severe DNA damage and destruction, and without antioxidants to neutralize them, they will continue to do so until symptoms, aging, disease and cancer manifest.

TCM Pick: Superfruit Antioxidant Blend by Navitas Naturals

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