Top 13 Healthy Pinterest Recipe Boards For 2013

We have learned how to make our own hipster bracelets, pinned our dream homes and planned weddings for even the un-engaged – all on Pinterest. But what we can’t get enough of are the innovative experimental recipes we find. There are more than a few hidden gems out there in the sea of boards if you know where to look. To make things easier, we’ve laid out our top 13 recipe boards for you to follow and repin stat. The recipes on these pages inspire so much fun and healthy eating in our households; let us know if it does the same for you and which ones you try!

We’ll see you on the boards. Leave your comments: have you found any gems we shouldn’t miss?

  • Healthy Foodie:

    Healthy Foodie. The Kale with Love board! Simple, DIY homemade recipes that everyone will enjoy and be impressed with. Check it out!

  • The Chocolate Covered Diet:

    The Chocolate Covered Diet. The name sells itself.

  • Salads:

    Salads. Salads, salads, salads galore! Sick of your same old lettuce with tomatoes? Yes, it's delicious! But sometimes it's fun to switch it up. Browse this board for new salad ideas.

  • Wheat Belly:

    Wheat Belly. Anne Sisteron, owner of La Suite 105, a fine jewelry store in Beverly Hills, is going on a wheat-free journey, and pinning her way through it. Where does she find all these great pins?! We pretty much re-pin them all.

  • Food:

    Food. A board called Food gets straight to the point. And beautiful food it is! A collection of mouth watering recipes that are worth every pin. 

  • Favorite Recipes:

    Favorite Recipes. Healthy skewed recipes that appeal to the everyday eater. Solid!

  • Decliousness:

    Decliousness. And that's just what this is. Board creator Allison pins an array of yumminess...cute small plates like Pancake Pops and skinny fall soups seem to be a trend here, and I like it.

  • VegNews Magazine:

    VegNews Magazine. If you dabble at all in vegan cooking, you simply must follow all of Veg News' boards. They find the best of the best when it comes to vegan recipes online; a collection of all the blogs out there. We do not advise looking at their boards if you are hungry because you might want to eat your screen.

  • Healthy Desserts:

    Healthy Desserts by Chockohlawtay. Do 4-ingredient, low-fat Buckwheat Pancakes (only 240 calories for the entire batch!) sound appealing to you? That is just the type of pin you will find on this Healthy Desserts board.

  • Healthy Eats and Treats:

    Healthy Eats and Treats. I want to try every single recipe on this board!

  • Eat ME (not meat):

    Eat ME (not meat). For the veggie lovers out there... We were sold on the Baked Yucca Fries with Grilled Banana Ketchup.

  • The Chalkboard:

    The Chalkboard. Just one more way to indulge in all things Chalkboard-related. Find all the raw, green, whole, vegan or gluten-free goodies you enjoy here on Pinterest too!

  • Food That's Healthy:

    Food That's Healthy. Upwards of 72,000 followers can't be wrong. We love the way this pinner combines colorful photos, infographics and, of course, deliciously healthy recipes!

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