Shopping Guide: Get Ready For Your Fitness Resolutions

The holiday season is upon us, which means parties, sequins, gingerbread – and of course, the dreaded New Year’s Resolution List. After a month full of sweets and treats, it’s no wonder that the top resolutions have to do with fitness and health. Whether you’re looking to log more miles or hit the gym on the regular, set yourself up for success by putting these items on your gift wish-list. Here are some top goals from fitness pro Amanda Shapin, and the gear that is sure to make them stick long after January 1st!

  • Resolution: Hit The Pavement

    Whether you want to make around the block without losing your breath or you’re signing up for your 10th marathon, you're going to need some first-class kicks to help you get there. We love the Nike Lunar Eclipse Running Shoe when it comes to keeping our stride long and strong!

  • Resolution: Get Down, Dog!

    Not flexible? No problem. Sign up for a yoga challenge or become a regular at your neighborhood studio, finding a teacher you trust who will lead you through the kind of practice that is right for you. Walk in with a Manduka Pro Yoga Mat, and you'll instantly feel zen.

  • Resolution: Go For A Spin

    If you haven’t ridden a bike since grammar school, don’t worry, it will all come back to you (you know the saying...). Whether you’re looking to hit the streets or a cycling studio, get the right gear to look like a professional from day one. We adore New Balance's Go Anywhere Tank, which gives enough support to take us through hills, sprints, and flats alike!

  • Resolution: Be A Gym Rat

    Sure, it’s easy to sign up for a gym membership, but it’s the attendance that makes it count. Make a goal to hit the gym frequently enough that the front desk folks know your name. Roll up with Lululemon's special edition Daily Om Duffel and you're sure to get noticed.

  • Resolution: Pump It Up

    Strength training can sometimes take a back seat when it comes to fitness, but not this year! Slip on these Nike Fit Elite Training Gloves so that your hands don't slip during those upright rows you've been working on.

  • Resolution: Amp It Up

    It's common to get stuck in the same old routine when it comes to fitness. It's comfortable, familiar - and, let's face it, gets easy. When you are needing a bit more motivation to take your fitness up a notch, slip on a tank or tee by IAMMAI. Each message is printed backwards, so each time you look in the mirror you get just the pep talk you need.

  • Resolution: Beat The Winter Blues

    Let's face it: even the most hardcore of us can get discouraged when temperatures drop. It's tempting to stay snuggled under the covers, but when the going gets tough, it's way more productive to slip on the Cameron Jacket by Splits 59 and get yourself in gear!

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