6 Magical Tools to Shift your Mindset (Even in the Funkiest of Moments)

We all fall into a funk from time to time. And even the most level-headed among us can struggle to get back to emotional equilibrium when we fall off track. Learn how to self-correct with these potent tips from holistic life coach Maytal Phillips of The Consciousness Edit…

You’re blissfully happy, meditating, working out, having weekly massages, manicures and acupuncture sessions. In an ideal world we would all be on task, on time and on point. However, we’re all humans having an earthly experience — stuff goes wrong, people say things we don’t like, work gets tough, the kids throw up and you find yourself in a funk that has a kung-fu grip. What do you do in those moments where it seems like the rainy day has finally arrived? Use these tools below to immediately gain perspective and shift your mindset.

6 Magical Tools To Shift Your Mindset

Take deep breaths | As humans, we still experience the fight-or-flight response to negative emotional experiences in the same way our ancestors did. The only difference is that we’re not being chased by large animals or walking barefoot in the desert to find food or water. Breathing actually lowers the flight-or-fight response by sending more oxygen to the brain and allowing the body to relax and offer you the space to deal with emotions. Start with three deep breaths to calm your body before doing anything else.

Practice Gratitude | Creating the space for gratitude is an immediate game-changer when learning how to shift your mindset. Take five minutes to write down everything you’re grateful for in your life, even the little things that make you smile — a perfectly hot Blue Bottle coffee or the fact that you kicked butt in your Soul Cycle class the other day. Try this practice for an entire week and you’ll see the clouds start to shift.

Ask the right questions | It’s important to stand back and separate yourself from your mindset. But what does that even mean? There’s a voice in your head speaking negatively at times, and if you can listen and identify that it’s just mental chatter, you’ll gain perspective and be able to ask yourself the right questions. From there you can check in: What is the worst that can happen in this scenario? What am I really afraid of? What am I avoiding? What am I really committed to?

make Time + Space To Be | Meditation and journaling are two tools that I may include in every piece of content because there is no better way to declutter and get to the bottom of our emotions. Usually when we’re in a funk, it’s most difficult to just sit and be with those emotions. Meditation offers clarity where confusion and upset is at the core of why we’re feeling the way we’re feeling. Take just ten minutes a day to meditate and/or journal and the light bulb will eventually go off.

Reflect + Examine | This is a tough one since it’s not always obvious. Sometimes we’re in a funk because we are not telling the truth either to ourselves or others — we may be avoiding what needs to be done. It could be as simple as making a promise to yourself and breaking it. Or you’re just not into your work at the moment and can’t determine how to address an issue. Avoidance, whether conscious or not, can lead to negative emotions. You need to get real with yourself about what’s going on, forgive yourself and do what needs to be done to manage the circumstance. If you’re avoiding a difficult conversation, have it. If you’re beating yourself up about a bad break-up or a conversation that didn’t go well, acknowledge how it went poorly, forgive yourself, make amends with that person and move forward. The massive shift you’ll experience will be immediate and long lasting.

Know When to Reach OUt | One important disclaimer: If you’ve been feeling down for quite some time and it’s affecting your daily work and relationships, it may be time to seek professional help. There are wonderful programs, coaches, therapists and psychologists available if you’re struggling and these tools don’t make a difference. It’s important to remember that funks are present for a reason. They are your mind’s way of telling you there’s something to address. Whether it’s a communication that’s not being made or rebuilding trust with yourself, experiencing all the feels is okay — and an opportunity to learn, grow and develop into your best/happiest self.

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