how to heal Estrogen Dominance

On our best days, we power up for sweaty workouts to boost our moods and metabolisms — a feat that takes willpower even when we’re feeling great. But, if the times are leaving you feeling wilted and in need of more rest, we encourage you to listen to your body. Sometimes cultivating rest is more important than an insistent will. Certainly, that’s a lesson we’ve all had to learn in this season.

Emotional overwhelm doesn’t always call for cancelled workouts and an early bedtime — after all, cancelled workouts are more often replaced with Netflix binges than more sleep! That said, it’s crucial to pay attention to your energy levels through these tough times and put tools like the below to good use when you need them.

6 Routines For When You’re Just Too Tired To Workout

On days you find yourself less than ready for a grueling workout, these simple measures may help you attain balance while you cope. Each one of these regimens can help to support your circulation, but are also gentle and self-soothing. Pick a new habit from our list to help you self-care and avoid sluggishness while you make room for the rest you need…

Dry Brushing | Ah, dry brushing. One of those wellness buzzwords you may have heard so many times that you roll your eyes when you hear it. But have you actually given the practice a solid try? Using a good body brush on dry skin before showering can be the most invigorating practice for good circulation and healthier skin. Tweak your technique until you find a routine you feel you can really stick with. As with most wellness practices, dry brushing is all about consistency. Do you find that dry brushing hurts? Try easing up! We hear that feedback about the next regimen too. It’s all about finding pressure levels that work for your individual preferences! Here’s how to do it.

Foam Rolling | We can’t say enough good things about foam rolling. Thanks to pros like Lauren Roxburgh, therapies like foam rolling are becoming more and more mainstream as the science on our ‘fascia’ becomes clear. According to Lauren, foam rolling “improves circulation throughout your entire body which helps to oxygenate the blood, boost lymphatic drainage and flush toxins from the body. The roller also helps to “lubricate” the joints and reduce inflammation in the body while increasing flexibility and range of motion.”

foam rolling

Most foam rolling workouts involve what is essentially a floor massage, rolling around with the roller on the floor to open up tense muscle and get the fascia soft and hydrated. The benefits of foam rolling are impressive, while the emotional impact can be really gentle. Emotional strain or no, this therapy is key in any wellness routine.

Infrared Sauna | We recently gushed all about the Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket for days just like this. Lay down, decompress and let the infrared heat get your heart rate going and the sweat pouring. This therapy was made for days of overwhelm and we couldn’t speak more highly of it. Read our full review of the experience here. 

Lymphatic Massage | Foam rolling and the infrared sauna are also great for the lymph system, but did you know that there are self-massage techniques that can directly address lymph health? Lymphatic health coach, Lisa Gainsley is one of our go-to’s on this topic and recently shared this massage that can be done at home, along with an in-depth piece on why it matters.

how to heal Estrogen Dominance

A Light Walk | If the competitive athlete (or harsh self-critic) in you can’t imagine hitting the pavement without breaking some kind of personal record, consider easing up and simply walking for joy. Pop in those earbuds, listen to something pleasurable and let your arms and legs swing like a kid for at least twenty minutes as you get some fresh air. Research now shows that a simple daily walk can do so much for our mental and physical health.

compression pants

Compression therapy | We first tried compression pants after our first The Ricari Method session, a high-tech lymphatic massage technique that half of Hollywood swears by. Founder Anna Zahn sells a version of the compression pants used in their therapies to use at home and we’ve since tried a whole slew of pants and tops that are available online. Compression pants aren’t just tight pants that suck you in, properly made compression clothing is designed to improve lymphatic flow, reduce fluid retention and facilitate microcirculation. Read Anna’s take on them here. 

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