Are the Tone It Up girls ready to divulge their secrets to mermaid hair yet or what? One thing these two are always ready to dish on is their bikini-ready bodies and the hard-core routines they’re using to achieve this level of strength and tone.

To be clear, we’re all for body acceptance no matter your size! But that means honoring the efforts of babes like these two who make it their goal to stay strong and help women achieve core strength and muscle tone on a whole other level. The Tone It Up girls, Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, maintain a level of strength that inspires us. No matter all of our different body shapes and sizes, all of us have muscles that need a little TLC for great energy, strength and longevity!

Karena and Katrina promote the kind of healthy habits we can get behind – strengthening the body through old-fashioned, hard-core conditioning and plenty of healthy foods.

We quizzed the girls on their most-loved work out accessories (hint: one has four legs and lots of fur), rifled through their beach bags, and learned the one tip that gets them out of bed for early AM workouts everytime

Moment I fell in love with fitness:

Karena: I’ve been in love with fitness since I was young; I remember watching my mom do workout videos and I’d follow along with her. I started doing triathlons with my dad when I was in middle school.
Katrina: I’ve always been in love with fitness! It’s what I went to school for.

My motivation:

Katrina: We are so inspired by the community! Every morning and night we scroll through the #TIUTeam hashtags!

5 things always in my gym bag:

Karena: Sunglasses, headphones, Perfect Fit Protein packets, sunscreen and my iPad or computer. And water!
Katrina: Sunglasses, cell phone, water bottle, foam roller and resistance bands.

Fave fitnesswear brands:

Karena & Katrina: Bandier!

Favorite time of day for a class:

Karena: We both love to get our workouts done in the morning. It gives us so much more energy for the rest of the day!

Our workout playlist…

Katrina: We can’t get enough of Pillow Talk, One Dance, anything Selena and Bey, of course…

Go-to trainer:

Karena: Katrina kills it with HIIT and booty workouts, so she trains me for those, and I train her for yoga!

Favorite way to hydrate:

Katrina: Sparkling water with a squeeze of lime.
Karena: Same as Kat!

Favorite post-workout fuel:

Karena: We make a mean coconut kale smoothie!
Katrina: Perfect Fit Pancakes topped with coconut flakes and fresh fruit.

Shoe or equipment I love:

Karena: A foam roller! It’s amazing for getting rid of knots and sore muscles.
Katrina: Resistance bands! Since we travel a lot for work, they are perfect for on-the-go workouts.

I stay inspired by:

Karena: We both are consistently so inspired by the community and what it achieves everyday!

Fave home workout:

Karena: I love yoga, so one of my favorite routines is the Bikini Yoga Flow.
Katrina: Any of our HIIT routines! It raises my heart rate quickly for fitting in a good sweat sesh! We have some incredible new HIIT routines in our new Beach Babe 4!

Most unexpected item in my gym bag:

Karena: My dog, Skunk.
Katrina: Dry shampoo!

I know I’ve had a good workout when:

Karena: I’m drenched in sweat!
Katrina: Post workout, I’m feeling confident and sexy!

Secret weapon tip:

Karena: Sleep in your workout clothes if you have to get up early for a workout. Saves you the few extra minutes of finding and putting on your clothes.
Katrina: Always keep your core engaged during any move. It will help your form and tone your core at the same time!

Fave outdoor fitness activity:

Karena: I like to take long walks with Skunk and Bobby (my fiancé) outside by the beach!
Katrina: At the TIU HQ, we’ll do circuit workouts on the beach. It’s great to get outside and soak up the sun while getting in an intense workout!

Braids, hat or pony:

Karena: Hat.
Katrina: Pony.

Gym to street tips/secrets:

Karena: Invest in some cute gym clothes that fit comfortably for your workout but also look great on the streets! We recently collaborated with Bandier to create a line with exactly this in mind!
Katrina: Always have dry shampoo on hand! It can be a lifesaver when you don’t have enough time to thoroughly shower off!

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