Brittany Jepsen is the creative mind behind The House That Lars Built, a blog dedicated to living that artful life. Brittany’s eye for design, charming personality, and penchant for crafty yet chic creative projects had us hooked from the get-go. We love her stylish twists on classic crafts, like this friendship bracelet turned on-trend Chevron rug. Grab your bestie and try you hands at this deceptively simple DIY

Friendship bracelets have come back with a vengeance recently, and while I love the bright colors and patterns, I wasn’t sure I could wear them anymore as they conjure up too many summer camp memories for me. I got to thinking about where else I could apply the process and decided to do so on a rug. It took several attempts to figure out the size and scale, but I love how it turned out. Making the rug takes very few sewing skills, so it could be a fun project for kids, too. For a greener project, you can reuse old t-shirts.


DIY Chevron Rug


2 sets of 5 colors of fabric, 8-10″ wide and 3 meters long


Step 1: Line the 5 colors up how you’d like them to appear in rows on the rug.

Step 2: Mirror the colors on the other side of the line so that there are 10 pieces.

Step 3: With the first piece of fabric (mine is pink) on the left, make the number 4 with the second piece (dark blue here).

Step 4: Put the first piece under the second piece and tie it, bringing it up to the top.

Step 5: With the first piece, move onto the next piece of fabric (yellow here) and repeat the process. Continue to the center of the colors and leave the pink alone for now.

Step 6: Work from the other side, moving from the right to the center. Make sure to reverse the number 4.

Step 7: When the two pinks meet in the middle, tie them together.

Step 8: Go onto the next row (the dark blue) and repeat the process.

Step 9: Work until you’ve finished your desired length. Mine is 31″ from the outer points.

Step 10: Begin a new one and repeat the process in the same color order.

Step 11: Stitch the two together with a needle and thread. I stitched mine so that they go opposite ways.

Step 12: Cut the ends off so that they hide into the first layer of color.

Step 13: Stich the ends to the first layer so it’s secure and can’t wiggle out.

Step 14: Voila!


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