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Take a deep breath, let it out, and repeat after Sophia: “Everyone around me is fighting some sort of battle, and deserves a break. Everyone including me.” Sigh…

We may not be talking about the kind of “break” that involves faraway destinations, exotic cocktails, and a month away from work (although we all need that from time to time as well) but the breaks we are talking about are just as valuable when it comes to finding balance in life. The balanced life so many of us are teetering and tottering our way toward – between the joys and pressures of work and family, friendship and solitude, boundless information and our next tweet – is hard to define, but so dependent upon the little breaks Sophia details below.

The kind of breaks that signify a little grace, a second glance at the human in front of you, a softened edge to your own hard-lined calendar…possibly even a downshift from go-go-go mode to go-on-ahead-of-me-in-line mode. As we drive hard through all the opportunities of our age, or through the many struggles common to it, take note of just how uplifting the little breaks we give ourselves and others can be.

Here are a few of the details that keep Sophia sane through tapings, fittings, travels, and other realities of her well-balanced life…

Daily necessity for sanity:

Coffee. And petting my dogs.

When I feel overwhelmed I...

If I can get a minute alone, I’ll close my eyes and practice my TM mantra. If I’m in a hectic place, like on set,  I’ll walk to make myself a cup of coffee. Something about it, maybe the pouring and the stirring, really forces me to focus and slow down. 

Best tactic for staying calm under fire:

I try to remind myself that everyone is fighting some sort of battle, and deserves a break. Everyone including me. 

Fave way to detox:

I try to do a week of Panchakarma with an ayurvedic doctor once a year.

My favorite way to take a break is to...

I love to sleep. I love it so much. I don’t get to do it enough, so if I can take a nap, that’s it.

Fave way to replenish energy:

I keep chlorophyll and astragalus root tinctures in my purse, and add them to water during the day.

How I find rest in a chaotic schedule:

I’m really working on this one.

Circumstances under which I turn off my phone:

When I am on an airplane. Not because it’s dangerous to leave it on – so glad that’s been proven – but because it’s a waste of battery.

Stress-busting ritual:


Monthly must for self-care:

I take an inventory of self. Am I being courageous enough to be vulnerable? Am I taking care of myself the way I care for others?

Thing that always brings me back to center:

My girlfriends. Thank Apple for FaceTime, because while I’m on location filming Chicago PD, seeing their faces keeps me sane.

Where I find sanctuary:

Having a good meal with good friends. And meditating.

My curfew:

Whenever I’m too tired to dance, I know it’s bedtime.

Mantra for slowing down:

There is only this minute. I cannot be anywhere else. I cannot be doing any more. I can only give my best to this moment and the people around me.

Best piece of advice ever received on balance:

“Health is everything.” – @azitaloves

Best resources on the topic:

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown. 

Biggest inspirations:

Anyone who is really following their truth inspires me. And my mother of course.

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