Is the wellness pantry the new shoe closet? Sometimes it feels like our addiction to adaptogens and coconut cream can spiral out of control just as fast as our fashion habits, but is health really meant to be such a luxury? Why hasn’t anyone come along and made clean shopping more accessible?


A couple of years ago, Thrive Market launched and disrupted the entire wellness scene. With an online only, subscription-based delivery service Thrive offers the whole slew of wellness staples we normally see on health food shelves, but with prices up to fifty percent off. Yes, really. 

We don’t talk about budget hacks often, but when we do you can count on us for really good advice. Thrive Market has become our go-to and is probably the ultimate save for those of you who cook at home often, are committed to clean eating – and especially for those of you cooking for a whole family.

Here are a couple of stand-out examples of products we buy all the time…

Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vingear | $2.55 (Retail: $4.49)
But, really – we use “ACV” for just about everything. It’s a miracle worker in salad dressings and as a digestive tonic and we use it daily (find out why). Sure, four bucks isn’t much, but two bucks looks even better… CHECK OUT HERE

Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil | $16.45 (Retail: $24.59) Coconut oil is one of the first healthy cooking purchases that’ll make you squeam. Twenty five dollars is a whole lot more than cheap, conventional cooking oil – but so worth it – and it’s very important that the oil be unrefined. The Thrive Market price point helps a ton!  CHECK OUT HERE

Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour | $8.95 (Retail: $12.95) Almond flour too is a wellness staple that adds up. Bake a chocolate cake like no other with this stuff – with no gluten and no pain in the checkbook! CHECK OUT HERE

Thrive Market Whole Chia Seeds | $7.95 (Retail: $15.99) Thrive Market has also launched their own products and the price break on these products is phenomenol. Another item always in our pantries, chia seeds go quick and can add up. Add them in smoothies, puddings, baked goods – basically everything – to amp up hydration and healthy fats. CHECK OUT HERE

Nativas Naturals Organic Cacao Powder | $13.95 (Retail: $20.59) We don’t know how we’d survive without a good quality cacao powder, but this stuff can definitely add up quick. This is exactly the type of product that doubles our weekly grocery run bill in an instant. CHECK OUT HERE

Sun Potion Tocos | $18.45 (Retail: $19.99) The price difference here isn’t monumental, but if you’re addicted to Sun Potion’s incredible produce line like we are, you know that any little bit counts. Haven’t tried tocotrienol powder before? It’s our ultimate favorite.Check out the indulgent, vitamin-rich stuff quick. CHECK OUT HERE

Native Forest Organic Coconut Cream 2-Pack | $2.95 (Retail: $3.98) Coconut cream isn’t too pricery to start with, but the truth is the non-natural dairy alternatives are far cheaper. A dollar price break helps and we’ve got about thirty ways for you to use one of our favorite dessert ingredients ever right hereCHECK OUT HERE

If you’re a health food store junkie, you’ll realize how great these little price breaks are, never mind the luxury of to-your-door deliveries and less time in nutso parking lots. Find out how to try Thrive Market for free below (it involves free almond butter, so…) and explore their complete shop here. Are you already using Thrive? Let us know your thoughts on this marketplace below – we have a sneaking suspicion our community is already full of Thrive Market fans!

TRY THRIVE MARKET FOR FREE | Thrive Market is offering all TCM readers a free 30-day trial membership as well as a free jar of Justin’s Almond Butter with your first order. Claim your gift here and activate your month-long trial at check-out!

This post is brought to you by Thrive Market, a membership community that uses the power of direct buying to deliver the world’s best healthy food and natural products to members at wholesale prices, and to sponsor free memberships for low-income American families.

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