Mezcal has been clinking around in the cool kids’ glasses over the past few years as the trending spirit has made its way up from Mexico (and specifically, parties in Tulum). The brand new GEM&BOLT brand is taking these cocktails in a direction we love by adding damiana to their bottles, an Aztec superfood known as a mood lifter, nerve relaxant and aphrodisiac. Um, perfect?

Mezcal is a great spirit for those of us looking to live clean. Did you know tequila, by law, only has to be 51% agave? If the bottle says 100% we’re safe, but that means if it doesn’t, the other half can be any type of grain or sugar-derived alcohol. Mezcal, on the other hand, must always be 100% agave and made through traditional, sustainable methods.

We’re mixing up the clean cocktails below for a spooky weekend ahead. There’s something for every palate from a blood red beet and honey tonic to a cold brew and cinnamon cocktail perfect for late fall entertaining.

Blood + Honey Tonic


1/2 bottle Pressed Juicery roots 3
1 shot GEM&BOLT mezcal
1 Tbsp manuka honey
1 squeeze of fresh blood-orange juice
pomegranate seeds to garnish
sliced blood-orange to garnish
fresh mint to garnish


Mix the first five ingredients. Pour over ice, garnish and serve.

Gem + Juice


1/2 bottle Pressed Juicery greens 4
1 shot GEM&BOLT mezcal
1 Tbsp coconut sap
1 squeeze of lemon
slice of jalapeño pepper to garnish
fresh lemongrass to garnish


Mix the first four ingredients. Pour over ice, garnish and serve.


Cold Brew Cocktail


1/2 bottle Pressed Juicery Cold Brew Coffee
1 shot GEM&BOLT mezcal
1 Tbsp grade-B maple syrup
1 dash of cinnamon
1 cinnamon stick to garnish
optional: dollop of (vegan) vanilla-cinnamon ice cream


Mix the first four ingredients. Pour over ice, garnish and serve.

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