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You geek out on blue-green algae, only wash your locks in toxin-free suds, and have more Chinese herbs in your cupboard than dry goods. We get it. You take good care of your health and have fun doing it. The trouble is, you’d like to keep your shoe budget in tact after so many visits to the health grocery store.

This month, our friends at Thrive Market, including some of our own original TCM family, are launching a platform we’ve all been waiting for. Stocking all the wellness staples and clean living essentials we’re used to finding in healthy grocery stores, Thrive Market offers over 400 of our favorite brands at 25-50% below retail. We’ll give you a moment to let that soak in.

The Thrive Market catalog contains over 2,500 health foods and products we’ve already begun stocking up on – and we knew our Chalkboard readers needed in on this. Find out more about this platform’s unique one-for-one membership model below, then hop on over and join in on all the savvy, shoe-budget saving fun…

How To Join Thrive Market:

Thrive Market is a membership-based, online one-stop-shop for all your favorite wholesome products – at wholesale prices! For just one $59.99/year membership, bring home the whole health food for a fraction of the cost of a typical year of grocery runs!


What We Love:

Access to over 2,500 all-natural products from more than 400 best-selling brands – like Weleda, Seventh Generation, Annie’s Homegrown, Eden Foods, Nature’s Path, Navitas Naturals and more for up to 50% off retail price tags. Thrive Market matches every new membership with a free membership to a family in need. Now that’s wellness at it’s best!

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