What’s the opposite of a hangover? Whatever it is, we’re aiming for it thanks to Ariane Resnick, certified nutritionist, author of The Bone Broth Miracle and now The Thinking Girl’s Guide To Drinking.

Don’t quit the cocktails – just learn to drink better. We’re loving this list of seven smart ingredients that’ll upgrade your imbibing to superfood level. Reduce the sugar, add juice, spices, fermented ingredients and herbs and know that at least you’re getting a dose of nutrition with that buzz. We can’t think of a more perfect bookmark pre-holiday party season.

For a full list of our healthy cocktail recipes, dig into our list here (they range from ultra-simple to bartending mastery level). Drink responsibly, plan for a dry season after the holidays and consider a few of our other genius tips for balancing the boozy drinks responsibly and in vibrant health here

7 healthier ingredients for cocktails


The sparkling probiotic beverage that provides good bacteria for your gut and comes in a million mixable flavors

Fresh ginger:

A powerful anti-inflammatory that is great for reducing nausea and lowering blood sugar.

Coconut cream:

To help your brain and your metabolism. (Try this coconut kombucha cocktail!)

Herbs and spices:

Include antibacterial and antiviral properties and are high in B-vitamins.

Green juices:

Full of extra vitamins and nutrients. (Check out our green cocktail here!)


Known for its calming effects on the digestive and nervous system and keeping tummies content.


A medically proven anxiety-relieving root that’s known for its calming, relaxing, therapeutic effects and other restorative properties.

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  1. Alcohol is poison, that is just a fact, and mixing it with kombucha or water kefir or magical fairy dust won’t change the fact that you are ingesting a toxin. Very irresponsible to suggest otherwise.

    Laura | 11.04.2016 | Reply
  2. I’m all for drinking, but this article is ridiculous, and Laura is right, it’s irresponsible.

    maddogoday | 11.04.2016 | Reply
  3. Kava is downright dangerous and toxic to the liver.

    Katy | 11.05.2016 | Reply
  4. This is not an irresponsible article. I appreciate the tips for adding healthier mixers to cocktails. People who otherwise live extremely healthy lifestyles still like to enjoy a drink now and again. It’s naive to pretend otherwise. My two favorite drinks this fall have been coffee liquor, coffee concentrate and unsweetened vanilla almond milk mixed together; and floats made with pumpkin beer (I live near a ton of breweries) and banana nice cream. Floats made with chocolate stouts are delicious as well!

    Netta | 11.07.2016 | Reply
  5. Agreed that the wording of the article is misleading, you can’t “upgrade your imbibing [alcohol] to superfood level”. ‘Superfoods’ in the mind of the readers here echo antioxydants, minerals, vitamins, adaptogens etc etc.

    HOWEVER I personally did not find it to be an irresponsible article. On the contrary it is quite useful. I would much rather be sipping on gin with sparkling water and lemon / fresh mint than a vodka redbull.

    Bottom line for me, nice list of ingredients but maybe for the writer, don’t make it sound like it elevates the drinks to superfood-status ?

    camille | 11.08.2016 | Reply
  6. In light of the approaching holiday season, I’m sure I’ll be sipping the occasional party cocktail. I for one, think liquor may not be good for the body, but can be
    so dang fun at for the spirit! Lighten up! Again, it’s all about better choices, as this article presents, and moderation. Enjoy the upcoming holiday festivities!

    Debra | 11.10.2016 | Reply
  7. To all of you who are posting negative comments, get off your high horse and complain to someone who cares instead of being an internet bully. If you don’t agree with drinking alcohol and believe that alcohol is a “poison”, why read an article about drinking alcohol? You are literally reading and commenting for no reason other than to put down the author and anyone else who reads this article. If you don’t like or don’t agree with the article then don’t read it, close the tab on your internet browser, and do something better with your life than put down the author. There is enough negativity in this world and you are not helping.

    Eliza | 11.10.2016 | Reply
    • Kava is dangerous. How is that being an Internet bully? Jeez….

      Katy | 11.22.2016 | Reply
  8. Suggesting that adding any of these ingredients to alcohol somehow makes the drink healthier, is irresponsible. Alcohol is a drug. Suggesting anyone should use Kava (a medicinal herb) with alcohol is akin to suggesting you should take ecstasy and meth at the same time. It’s rediculously dangerous. There maybe some cultures that have found ways to reduce the risks of use Kava and alcohol together but that isn’t being explained here. This information proportedly comes from a nutritionist – not a herbalist, naturopath or doctor. Their field of expertise is normal nutritional intake NOT herbal medicine.

    Anyone reading this; DO NOT USE KAVA WITH ALCOHOL. This is extremely dangerous. Kava is a medicine, and like any other sedative, it should never be taken with alcohol.

    Additionally; Kombucha is a fermented drink with probiotic properties, this is true. Mixing it with any kind of alcohol, will kill the micro flora that give its probiotic value. You may as well use flavoured water (which is basically what dead kombucha is) and it would taste better.

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