We first met Ally Walsh years ago and clicked over our shared passions for wellness, weird healthy foods and – you guessed it – coffee. We’ve since watched Ally’s modeling career skyrocketed (probably thanks to the effect of all those weird health foods) and were excited to try our first sip of Ally and musician boyfriend, Casey Wojtalewicz’s new project, Canyon Coffee.

Canyon Coffee’s brews are organic, fairly and sustainably sourced and inspired by the couples love of coffee shops around the world. Here’s a cozy look at a morning at home with the two caffeinated locals. We love their picks for best coffee pairings, ceramics and fall uniforms…

Can’t start my morning without…

Him: Cup of black coffee and short beach walk.

Her: A short meditation… and a cup of coffee.

Breakfast is normally…

Her: Gluten-free toast with almond butter and figs or persimmons — when they’re in season!

Him: Avocado toast on sourdough with eggs and pesto. Sometimes smoothies with nut milk.

Morning soundtrack:

The latest Bon Iver album, 22, A Million.

How I take my coffee:

Him: Black.

Her: Black.

Fave coffee shops around the world:

Our favorite shops are the ones that really feel like they’re channeling the community and giving something back in exchange. We love Tandem Coffee Roasters in Portland, Maine; Satan’s Coffee Corner in Barcelona; Menotti’s here in Venice; The Mill and Sightglass in San Francisco; Le Marche Saint George in Vancouver. There’s so many around the world, and so many more we want to visit!

Ceramicists you love for the brew:

We love EMK Ceramics, Humble Ceramics, and Kat & Roger.

Must-have coffee accessories:

Burr grinder (we use a Baratza Encore). Electric kettle (we use a Bonavita Gooseneck kettle with temperature control). V-60: our current favorite way of making coffee at home every day. Ceramic mugs!

3 brands inspiring you now:

OKREAL, Alma Restaurant & Alma Community Outreach, Openhouse Magazine.

Daily uniform this fall...

Him: My old boots with jeans, Buck Mason shirts and jacket by Mollusk.

Her: Christy Dawn dresses and Older Brother pants with vintage sweatshirts.

Go-to brunch spots in LA:

Gjusta in Venice, Sqirl in Echo Park, Amara Kitchen in Highland Park!

Best coffee-pairing pastry in the city:

Her: Vegan kabocha chocolate loaf from Go Get Em Tiger!

Him: Hatchet Hall cookies at Menotti’s.

3 healthiest coffee tips:

Drink it black: Drinking coffee black actually gives you the most health benefits! It can help prevent cancer, the high levels of antioxidants reduce inflammation and the risk of certain degenerative diseases. It contains calcium and potassium!

Upgrades: Adding in superfoods, oils and/or herbs depending on what your body needs. Coconut oil for a good healthy fat, reishi or chaga mushroom for immune support and clarity, cacao or cordyceps mushroom for energy.

Homemade Nut Milk: Making fresh nut milk at home allows you to skip the additives and preservatives used to make store-bought milk have a shelf-life. We like using almonds, hazelnuts or macadamia.

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