The real Mrs Meyers cleaning tips

Yes, there is a real Mrs. Meyers! Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer is 81-years-young, and her very own garden inspired most of the scents in our favorite cleaning line! Mrs. Meyer’s non-toxic, dreamily-scented cleaning products like basil, lavender and – for the holidays – gingerbread have uplifted our cleaning routine to something of an aroma-therapeutic ritual! We asked Mrs. Meyer to share a few of her own housekeeping tips with us for this busy entertaining-centric season that has all of us scrambling to get our homes in order. “My philosophy on keeping a house is: you gotta enjoy your home, keep it clean – but not too clean. I like to have it look lived in.”

Mrs. Meyer’s products are eco-friendly, environmentally safe, packed in recyclable bottles, biodegradable and free from ammonia, chlorine bleach, parabens and phosphates – never tested on animals.

7 Tidy Tips from Mrs. Meyer Herself

Holiday Dishes:

If a pot was left on the stove too long, an easy home remedy simply involves filling the pot with equal parts water and white vinegar. Add salt, and then heat the mixture over a medium flame until the vinegar boils. Remove the pot from the heat and let it soak overnight.

Bring Out The Silver:

Before you polish silverware to a high shine, make sure to rinse it in warm water and mild detergent like Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender Dish Soap to get any dust off, and thoroughly dry each piece. For aluminum silverware, use cream of tartar and water; for stainless steel, use club soda; for silver and gold, you should always use toothpaste!

Sparkle and Shine:

Particles seem to appear all over the bathroom mirror no matter what. To get the mirror shiny, fill a spray bottle with club soda and give it a spritz, then wipe it really well with bunched-up newspaper. To defog the mirror when you step out of the shower, smear the glass with a bit of shaving cream and then wipe it off.

In The Details:

Wipe down the tops and sides of all your remote control buttons with a cotton ball soaked in Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lemon Verbena All-Purpose Cleaner

Pet Project:

To remove pet hair, put on rubber gloves and pass your hands quickly under the faucet before wiping down upholstery in long strokes. Easy as pie!

The Dailies:

Keep your house clean and save more time in the long run by wiping down countertops and the kitchen sink daily.

Wild Child Proof:

Every parent has at some point battled crayon on the wall. Getting crayon out, whether on paint or wallpaper, requires muscle. Dilute a few drops of dishwashing liquid in warm water, wet a cloth, and scrub. Rinse the cloth frequently until you are crayon free!

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