The Power of Practicing with Friends

Practicing yoga alongside my friends is a fundamental part of why I fell in love with yoga.  Yoga is about going within yourself to find your true nature and re-reveal the joy that’s naturally inside you.  It’s about seeing that joy inside each and every person and realizing that we are all the same and all connected. Going through this journey of yoga with the love and support of a friend allows you to easily tap into the universal connectedness that practicing facilitates.

Listening to the breathing around the room, moving through the ancient postures and sweating it out during the length of a class is done in a very personal way, and yet it is also very communal.  At once you are working within your own body, through your mind and breath, and also working within a room of people who are experiencing the same sensations you are.  Bringing a friend to class allows you to share the experience and do something uplifting together.

Bringing a friend also makes going a lot easier to stick to.  If you commit to meeting a friend at yoga, you can lean on them for support when you’re tired and carry them when your feeling more motivated.  Practicing alongside a friend is my absolute favorite time to spend with my friends.  We meet at class, sweat, stretch and breathe together.  Inevitably, I leave taking class with a friend feeling energized and grateful.  Commit to practicing with a friend and watch as both of your practices develop.

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