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    Family comes first for Laura and Jason ODell, so it helps that they run their biz together. This adorable couple designs and operates as The ODells, a California bohemian line of clothing for the whole family and a namesake lifestyle boutique in Silver Lake (where the bar for hipness is set very high).

    We’re loving these cozy shots of the family at home in their Big Bear A-frame and we’re also excited to get a glimpse inside the new Silver Lake shop for a good dose of well-curated shopping bliss, from hand-painted wallpaper to their own California cool caftans and smocks. From the sweetest latte ritual to a shared mantra we love, take a peek below at a morning with the ODells…

    My alarm is set for…

    Jason: 5:59 on my gym days and 6:30 on non-gym days.

    Laura: 6:00 a.m. when I workout, 6:30 when I’m not doing a morning workout.

    I can’t start my morning without…

    Jason: My morning latte.

    Laura: A latte made by Jason.

    Breakfast is normally…

    Jason: Poached eggs with avocado toast.

    Laura: A gluten-free Trader Joe’s waffle, an Elemental bar or breakfast out with Jason before heading to the office.

    Favorite morning beverage:

    Jason: Latte!

    Laura: Any form of coffee, but preferably a latte.

    Daily uniform this spring:

    Jason: Vans, black Nudie Jeans and the Odells basic crew in white or black.

    Laura: A very roomy Odells jumpsuit because I want nothing to do with pants right now (I’m pregnant).

    My current mantra:

    Jason: Nothing is impossible.

    Laura: Nothing is impossible

    My favorite moment in the morning is…

    Jason: You guessed it, the sound of steaming milk on my espresso machine, followed by pure bliss.

    Laura: When my kids come in, so long as they are in a good mood.

    On the best mornings I…

    Jason: Enjoy a latte on the deck of our cabin in Big Bear. overlooking the lake.

    Laura: Exercise.

    I start working by…

    Jason: 9:00 a.m.

    Laura: 9:30 a.m.

    Mornings are normally filled with…

    Jason: A quiet latte followed by my kids waking up and taking over the house.

    Laura: Checking emails, touching base with my staff and some form of design work or heading to our retail shop.

    I get my creative juices flowing by…

    Jason: Going on a motorcycle trip and experiencing the open road and small towns.

    Laura: Going on a long run while listening to a favorite playlist.

    Healthiest daily habit:

    Jason: Gym or running or skateboarding or snowboarding.

    Laura: Exercise and eating lots of veggies from our garden.

    Currently I’m most obsessed with…

    Jason: Finding off-the-grid camping spots.

    Laura: Jumpsuits and top knots.

    I’m usually listening to…

    Jason: Jay Z.

    Laura: Chet Faker Pandora.

    My favorite morning distraction…

    Jason: Really fast cars.

    Laura: My sometimes obnoxious kids.

    Always thinking about lunch at…

    Jason: 10:30 a.m.

    Laura: Breakfast time.

    The recipe I’m making:

    Jason: Goat cheese pasta with asparagus and chives from our garden.

    Laura: Tonight I’m making Mediterranean shish kebabs, roasted potatoes and a greek salad.

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    1. Love the emphasis on the lattes hahaha

      Julia Navratil | 04.17.2017 | Reply
    2. #dreamlife. Small towns, coffee, more coffee, designing. Hope to visit Big Bear one day

      Diane | 08.15.2019 | Reply

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