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On August 11th there will be a new moon solar eclipse in the proud house of Leo, and we can already feel energetic changes afoot. We asked Philosophie founder and mindful yogi, Sophie Jaffe to share another mindful meditation that harnesses all that Leo energy for personal power and growth…

The month of August is a wild one. On August 11th, we’ll encounter a New Moon in the house of Leo. This isn’t an ordinary New Moon, this magical moon will present a Solar Eclipse. Coming off a season of Eclipses, this is truly a finale to prepare for. You may have felt some serious shifts and changes pulling you this last moon cycle. All of it has been preparation for this powerful and dramatic rebirth.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the disk of the moon appears to cross in front of the disk of the sun. A total Solar Eclipse — like the one that took place last August — occurs when the disk of the moon blocks 100 percent of the solar disk. A partial eclipse occurs when the moon covers only part of the sun.

Split photo with a woman dealing tarot cards on the left and close-up of the tarot cards on the rightWhat is this New Moon Solar Eclipse in the House of Leo?

A Solar Eclipse always occurs on a New Moon. It’s fueled with potent energy that allows us to fully step into the person we were born to be. A Solar Eclipse guides us to our potential and in this case, our power. This moon takes place in the house of Leo. (I have a very special connection with this sign because of my own little Leo.) Under this night sky transformation, you can show up and step into the being you were meant to be if you allow yourself into that space.

When we allow ourselves to look beneath the layers of all our motivations, we are better able to understand what we are about and to perhaps come closer to discovering our actual purpose here in this physical plane.

The energy generated from this moon in the house of Leo offers creative and romantic expression x10! I encourage you to allow your soul to fill with energetic, loving vibrations. Show up to the day completely and let yourself be seen. Make intentions for the new cycle to reimagine yourself. Allow yourself to be shaken! Allow yourself to be carried by the current of this moon and eclipse. This is a profound opportunity here to clarify the way we are communicating and consider upgrades in ways we behave.

The energy of Leo teaches us to love and accept ourselves in order to fully express ourselves. Everything in the middle of Leo season is beautiful, bright, BEAMING. The fullness of summer. How can we reflect that? It’s time to be confident and proud. It’s a season of experimentation and play. It’s a time to meet the next version of you.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Affirmation:
I radiate my inherent and true Self with confidence.

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What to Gather for this One-of-a-Kind Moon Ceremony?

Palo Santo/Sage. Cleanse your circle and energy allowing positive vibrations to enter your space.

Crystals + Cards. Bring out those crystals with the energy you want to tap into (i.e. Rose Quartz for self love) If you want to harness the power of vibrant Leo then bring out stones that include: Desert Jasper, Pyrite, Carnelian, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye. Grab a Moon Deck or Tarot cards too.

Candles: Allow yourself to harness inner reflection to better set powerful intentions for this next cycle.

Journal + Pen: Reflect and write down all the emotions and thoughts that arise.

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  1. Good information. I find it hard to keep up with all the astrological activity. Moon cycle is easy but what happens further away is much harder to find out.

    Robin McKenna | 08.12.2018 | Reply

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