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Pristine organization means nothing without a well-styled aesthetic. Nashville-based home organization company, The Home Edit, gets that – and merges a good de-cluttering with interior design services in the most beautiful way. Their signature system has helped wellness-leaning celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachel Zoe, Mandy Moore, Lauren Conrad and Mindy Kaling to organize and elevate everything from pantries to closets.

To celebrate The Home Edit’s official expansion to the West Coast, we asked founders Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin to share a few of their top picks for organizational products that encourage sustainable habits and still look good…

Woven Storage Cubes | Instead of plastic containers, we like the clean look of a woven storage cube. They work perfectly in your closet to store clothing. CHECK OUT

Wooden Ladder | The versatility and chic design of a wooden ladder make a perfect addition to a home. Without the use of hangers, you can stylishly hang your jackets, towels, blankets, etc. CHECK OUT

Woven Utility Baskets | A large floor basket will allow you to easily store blankets and pillows in the living room, bulky toys in the playroom or anything you need to quickly clean up. They also have the added benefit of making a room look polished and well-designed.  CHECK OUT

Marble Turntable | A turntable is one of our staple items. The sleek look of the marble can turn your most everyday items into an Instagram-worthy vignette.  CHECK OUT

Glass Canisters | The kitchen can produce a lot of waste. When you store your dry foods in glass canisters, you can visibly see where things are and avoid buying duplicates. When you label and color-code the canisters, it also doubles as a form of kitchen decor.  CHECK OUT

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