“Why, thank you.”“Yes, we agree!” We find ourselves gratefully repeating these replies when it comes to the sweet stylings of the Chalkboard Mag! It might be bold for us to cop to it, but we think this place is gorgeous too – and it’s due in no small part to our superstar designer, Kate Harmer of Hum Creative.

Our top designer Kate is giving us a tour of Hum’s light-filled headquarters made complete by a few fresh juices and delicious burning candles. Take a glimpse inside the daily hum of life with one of our favorite creative teams.

Favorite morning of the week:

Monday. I try to always start Mondays with a clean office and a clear list of priorities for the week. I love those few minutes of being totally organized and ready to go.

my go-to work bag:

Small Filson Tote Bag in tan.

at 10:00 am i am usually:

Drinking an iced americano, answering emails, and checking in with the Hum team.

my Favorite current project is:

We focus on branding and web design as a studio, but I’m also having a lot of fun Illustrating an upcoming book based on the Twitter character Tween Hobo.

my Favorite stationary:

Rifle Paper Co.

there is always a glass/cup of this on my desk:

I try to drink a green juice every day. My faves are Pressed Juicery’s Greens 2, 3, and 4. I started having Pressed shipped to Seattle a few months back, and now I can’t live without it.

easiest way to brighten up my office is:

Fresh flowers.

Favorite lunch buddy:

The Hum gang eats lunch together every day. Though as our team grows, it’s getting trickier to pick lunch spots that everyone agrees on!

My necessary extravagance is:

Magazines and manicures.

My top distraction is:

My two french bulldogs.

My desktop background:

A photo of Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock. He is always judging me.

Books always in my office:

OffScreen Magazine is a current office favorite, but we try to always have new books and magazines of all subject matters to flip through for diverse inspiration.

My go-to calendar is:


i always have this snack on hand:

Shelled pistachios.

The organizational item I can’t live without is:

We recently started using Goes To Work, a project management app by Fuzzco, to stay on top of all our projects and schedules. It’s a lifesaver.

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