The Healthiest Tan Under The Sun: Chocolate Sun Organic Spray Tanning

Looking for a healthy glow anytime of year that is actually good for your skin? Susie Phillips and Kimmie Worley, founders of Chocolate Sun, have developed a truly healthy spray tan. The ingredients in the tan are filled with vitamins and antioxidants that make your skin look and feel super healthy.

I had the opportunity to have a tan performed by Kimmie at their West Hollywood location. Their space is quaint, cozy and resembles a French country cottage. Like most spray tans, you have to strip down to your skivvies or bathingwear and apply what they refer to as a “mineral prep towel”, which makes your skin ready for the application.

The nice part is that even if you’re headed home from work, you can go directly to Chocolate Sun since the mineral prep will get you ready. Once the prepping is done, you head inside to the room where you become sun-kissed. Unlike most conventional spray tans where you have to hold your breath and your skin feels sticky, Chocolate Sun has a pleasant odor, if any at all. Since it is a water and aloe-based product – not alcohol-based like other faux tans – it will not stay airborn, causing fumes and difficulty breathing.


Moreover, their warm and friendly nature makes you feel comfortable instantaneously. The tan itself doesn’t take long, but leaves you with a caramel bronzer on the surface that makes you look like you had a nice relaxing day at the pool. I couldn’t believe that my skin didnt feel sticky or smell like the typical spray tan.

It’s ideal to wear loose, dark clothing and flip flops in case some of the bronzer smudges. They also offer other awesome skincare and tan maintenance products in their studio, all crafted in-house. I can’t think of a better, healthier way to get a tan than at Chocolate Sun.

They currently have two locations –  one in Santa Monica (their flagship store) and another in West Hollywood. A few high-end hotels including the Peninsula in Beverly Hills and The Mandarin Oriental in West Hollywood also offer Chocolate Sun’s exclusive tan services.

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