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The Extrovert’s Guide To Gym Gear: Printed Leggings and 9 Other Bold Must-Haves
A Little Leopard: Vie Active Lori Zippered Sports Bra

Nothing says "bold" like leopard print. Go for a sleek take on the old classic by opting for edgy colors and interesting details, like the Snow Leopard Lori Zippered Sports Bra by Vie Active. It's chic enough to keep it classy, but interesting enough to feel like you're making a statement (even if it stays under wraps). Best part? The front ruching on this wild bra means it keeps larger sizes under wraps.

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If actions speak louder than words, then our activewear is screaming out loud! Got a big, bold personality and want to let it shine? There’s no better place to use that excess of extroverted energy than in your workout. There are days we all feel less than stellar and quite possibly a little shy stepping into that spin room, but we find our gym aversions slip away when we slip into neon gear! There’s nothing a good printed legging can’t fix…

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