CBD is carving out a serious space in the wellness world, and we’re all better for it. This natural, non-psychoactive cannabis derivative has major healing potential, from calming anxiety to squelching inflammation (learn all about it here and here), and our fave NYC green beauty hub, CAP Beauty, is getting in on the action.

Their new product ‘The Daily Hit’ is a unique blend of CBD oil and adaptogens including reishi, schisandra, mucuna pruriens and astragalus. Find out why we’re putting this stuff on everything… 

Our love for edibles goes deep. And it went even deeper when we decided to create The Daily Hit, our CBD infused oil laced with beautifying and healing adaptogens. The Daily Hit is meant to be taken, you guessed it, on the daily. We like to incorporate it into our meals and uplevel lunch or dinner the best way we know how. CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and supports your system from the inside out while the other ingredients encourage beauty from within.

One of our favorite ways to imbibe is in a salad dressing. Here’s our latest favorite:

‘The Daily Hit’ CBD Dressing


3-4 Tbsp olive oil
juice of half a juicy lemon
black pepper to taste


Add lemon juice and salt to small bowl and whisk together. Now add in your oils and emulsify by whipping the ingredients up. Add black pepper and serve over your favorite greens.

Dinner is served. Serves 4-6.

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