The First Day of Spring is still twenty days away and-yes-we’re all about living in the present, but there’s nothing wrong with a little positive planning and anticipation is there?

Unlike January One, the first day of spring is more gentle in it’s arrival, encouraging us to unfold our plans for the warming months with ease. On that note, we’re stocking the Spring Shop with items that inspire. This medallion tapestry is for hanging in the garden as a makeshift dinner party backdrop. Or for transforming your bedroom into the hip-tastic environment you’ve been craving without going bonkers on new macrame furniture.

We’ve included three sports bra styles so stunning you’ll be jonesing to wear them and encouraged to hit the gym more often. A good outfit always gets us out the door! These snakeskin-inspired leggings aren’t too shabby either. Everything here also doubles as pretty rad festival gear too.

Brighten up that child’s pose meditation with this gorgeous mat towel that gives us the feels for all things spring. And amp up your gym beauty routine by following dry shampoo with a little of this dry conditioner from Amika – genius.

We hope The Shop gets you into the mood for spring thrills, but, if you’re looking for more to sink your teeth into, our first Spring guest, Dr. Mark Hyman is sharing his first piece with us today and we couldn’t recommend the read more highly. Get in tune with the doctor’s principles of functional medicine and find one of his twelve NYT best-selling books to take your personal wellness education to the next level. As a community, let’s support well-grounded, useful health pros like Dr. Hyman who have workable solutions for us, our loved ones and the health systems within our communities. Consider sharing Dr. Hyman’s story today via social media or take a look at some of his health guides and share those with your following. We want to help these kinds of well-balanced health movements spread and to see the way our mothers, our future children, and our whole communities are being treated in the medical system!

We’ll be hanging with you all spring talking functional medicine, seasonal eating (you saw this pesto recipe, right?), gorgeous indoor-outdoor decorating ideas and, of course, festival season. What’s on your mind this month? Tell us what you’d like to learn about and what you’re hoping this spring will bring!

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