30-minute workouts

There’s a bit of buzz in the fitness world these days about the possibility that we can actually work out too much. While we’ve never been accused of this personally, we can attest to the power of 30-minute workouts throughout the week and love celeb trainers like Juliet Kaska (who counts bodies like Erin Heatherton as clients) and understands how to get high-performance results in realistic chunks of time.

We love Juliet’s “no excuses” attitude – find a will, find a way, and just get moving. Here are six fun ways from Juliet to squeeze that thirty minutes of movement into your day…

Zen Fitness 30

The Zen Fitness 30 workout was designed to bring people the benefits of cardiovascular, yoga, pilates and meditation in 30 minutes. Using a meditative breath technique while performing the exercises leaves you feeling strengthened, stretched, activated and rejuvenated!

Park Bootcamps

With spring right around the corner, scope out the parks in your neighborhood and/or around your office. Lots of trainers will offer workout classes in these parks, for much cheaper rates then their same class in a gym because they are not having to split the proceeds with the club. But be cautious – before you get started, ask to see their credentials. They should have an accredited certification such as the ones from, but not limited to, the following schools: American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), American College of Exercise (ACE) or National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).


A beach workout is fun and challenging – and the view is jaw dropping. A walk or run on the beach burns more approximately 30% more calories then covering the same distance on a flat surface, according to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

Isometric Holds

This is an excellent and simple way to revitalize your gym workout. Stay with your normal routine but on the last rep of every exercise, do a 10-30 second isometric hold.  Numerous studies have proven a 14-40% increase in strength over a 6-10 week period (Kanehisa, Eur J Appl Physiol, 2002).

Mini 10x3

Break your workout into three 10-minute routines. 10 minutes for your core, 10 minutes for your upper body and 10 minutes for your lower body. Some days it is impossible to get a 30-minute window of time, but by breaking it into three sets, you can find 10 minutes here and the 10 minutes there. Poof! Before you now it, you’ve completed 30 minutes!


Pool-lates, or Pilates in the pool, is a fun and refreshing workout. It is great for your core and very supportive to your joints. Plus you burn even more calories then a traditional mat Pilates routine because the water is causing you to work harder!

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