We’re obsessed with spirulina (proof here!) This blue-green power food is packed with health benefits – but a weird “green” flavor too. This is our issue with some of our favorite superfoods: how do we fit them into our diets without ruining all of our favorite smoothies and bowls? This incredible breakfast bowl recipe by Janine of Nuts and Blueberries is one delicious solution. We stumbled upon Janine’s inspirational Instagram account during our weekly scroll through the #thechalkboardeats feed. When she sent this breakfast bowl recipe over to us, we knew it’d be a reader hit!

Packed with energy-boosting and chlorophyll-rich spirulina, soaked cashews, mulberries and fresh coconut yogurt, this recipe is extremely nutrient dense – and so delicious we could serve it as a dessert. Here are Nuts and Blueberries notes on three of the recipe’s most powerful ingredients…

Spirulina… is a blue-green microscopic plant which is full packed with protein (60-70%) and 18 amino acids. Spirulina includes all essential amino acids! Spirulina is a perfect anti-aging food, easily digested and full of antioxidants. Spirulina beta carotene is ten times more concentrated than carrots beta carotene.

Leafy Greens…like kale, herbs or edible wild herbs are the healthiest smoothie ingredients you can eat. They contain chlorophyll which helps to detoxify your body. Green leaves and herbs have a high concentrated amount of vital substances that cannot be found in other food.

Coconut Yogurt… is a very good alternative to dairy yogurt. Most of my breakfasts are vegan and I feel better when I eat this way. You can find coconut yogurt in health food stores or you can make it yourself. The absorption of dairy is dependent on an enzyme called lactase; some people fail to produce this enzyme and cannot eat dairy products, while the body can easily digest coconut. Coconut is also very healthy because coconut fat is one of nature’s richest sources of medium-chain fatty acids.

Makes 1 jar


2 oz soaked cashew nuts (soaked overnight in water)
2 dates
1 frozen banana
splash of almond milk
1 tsp spirulina powder

For the topping:

3-4 oz coconut yogurt


Rinse and drain the cashew nuts.

Mix ingredients together on high in a blender.

Take care not to use too much milk because it will turn in a smoothie and not a cream.

Top with fresh yogurt and mulberries, nuts or seeds of your choice.

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