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Functional medicine “food coach”, Dana James is a triple certified nutritionist who is also trained in cognitive behavioral therapy. Her approach is modern and holistic – in other words, it’s about much more than just food.

Clicking through her site we find this lovely passage – a great introduction to Dana’s way of thinking. “You know her. But she’s endangered. She’s a woman that oozes magnetism and playfulness, and has a heightened capacity for love. She’s also courageous, grounded and graceful. But all too often, the modern woman has been hijacked by depletion, depression and an incessant need to be busy. Her mind is filled with a nagging voice; what do I eat, why can’t I just eat what I want, and why did I just eat that? Her true feminine essence has been looted.”

In person, Dana is not only incredibly beautiful, but “grounded and graceful” through and through. We’re pretty sure she’s authentically living her call to action for clients, which culminates in this: “It’s time for the modern woman to take back her nobility. It’s time for her to nourish herself with food, connection and sensuality.”

Through the pages of her new book, The Archetype Diet, Dana shares her learnings from one-on-one coaching with women around the world. Explore her real life refrigerator (warning: there are lots of plants), then enjoy this snapshot of another topic of interest to those of us who manage our diets well: skin health. Dana recently shared the below via Instagram. A simple reminder that the wavering changes in our skin are deeply related to our diets and self-care practices.

dana james

SKINCARE: Five days before this photo was taken my skin was breaking out due to stress and erratic eating. I had a little talk with myself and put this in place – part skincare, part internal care.
One: Committed to no wheat and wine for a month.
Two: Started meditating twice daily. Kundalini in the morning and TM in the evening (my book launch is making me stressed)
Three: Starting drinking a green juice daily. My favorite right now is @pressedjuicery dandelion and pear
Four: Used @augustinusbader stem cell cream morning and evening. It’s a miracle cream. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you will. It’s not cheap, but my god it’s worth it.
My 43 year-old skin is glowing from all of these changes. Take what you like from this routine and see what works for you.

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