The 7 Best Post-Workout Snacks

You’ve unclipped your spin shoes and pushed out your last rep. Your cross-trainers have been swapped for apres-gym shoes and the last drop of sweat has been wiped from your brow. Time to chow down, right? Not so fast. While a tough-as-nails workout definitely does a body good, it is essential to put as much care into your post-exercise nutrition to really reap true benefits. To help you make the most of your fitness regimen, we’ve compiled a list of our 7 favorite post-exercise snacks to refuel and reboot. All in a hard day’s workout!

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is a fan favorite in the fitness world: not only does it contain easily digestible protein, but it also is nutrient dense without added sugar. Greek yogurt contains double the protein of regular yogurt, giving your muscles the fix they need for optimal recovery and strength-building! Our fave? Fage Total Greek Yogurt.


  • Greek Yogurt
  • Chocolate Almond Milk
  • Bananas
  • Apple Slices + Almond Butter
  • Cherries
  • All-Natural Protein Bars
  • Citrus 4 By Pressed Juicery
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