NYC Bite of the Month: Dragonfruit Rolled Ice Cream

Looking for an excuse to eat more ice cream? Always. Foodie extraordinaire, Kat Odell, is breaking down the drool-worthy details of the rolled ice cream trend, including where to go and which flavors to beeline towards. The only responsible thing to do after reading this review is to grab a friend and get in on the experience.

What I Ate: Juicy Spot Cafe’s Thai Rolled Ice Cream

Why I Ate It: I’ve been curious to explore this whole Thai rolled ice cream trend, which has spread across the US over the past few years. I’ve been pretty skeptical because, hey, what’s so special about rolled ice cream, other than that it makes for a catchy Instagram photo? So, stuck with jury duty a few weeks ago, I spent my lunch break exploring Chinatown and its myriad cafes. From boba to chewy Hong Kong ice cream sundae waffles, to Thai rolled ice cream.

Why You Need It: The first Thai rolled ice cream cafe to hit New York was 10Below, and since it opened, that place has been slammed. For whatever reason, Juicy Spot Cafe has fallen somewhat under the radar (i.e. you don’t need to wait on a 30-minute line), and it’s my personal pick because there are slightly healthier exotic fruit options (plus juices, acai bowls, etc.) beyond just cookies and cream. Pictured here is the dragon fruit roll, but I opted for a yogurt-esque base so it’s not super sweet, and brings a sour tang. I topped it with dragon fruit, kiwi, a drizzle of condensed milk and grass jelly (because I am into weird things like that).

What makes Thai rolled ice cream so awesome? The “ice cream” starts as a liquid and as it is rapidly frozen on a flattop, it becomes far colder than regular ice cream, and takes on this awesome chewy texture. Like, you could eat this stuff with a fork and knife. If you’re a fan of Turkish dondurma, you’ll want to explore this delicious concept.

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