Tech To Cheek: The Top 3 Beauty Gadgets We’ve Tried So Far

Tech has tip-toed its way into the at-home beauty world for decades, but it’s never looked as good as it does now. We’ve been trying a few of the at-home gadgets that get rave reviews and were not disappointed.

While we won’t be cancelling our monthly facial any time soon, beauty gadgets like the Ziip, NuFace and Foreo Luna promise to elevate the results of our DIY skincare. We’re leaving the heavy lifting to the pros (are we really ready to microneedle at home?), but are devoted to these tech tools for weekend pick-me-ups…

ZIIP device: the uplift |  Setting the gold standard for DIY microcurrent, nothing compares to the ZIIP’s ability to wipe out fine lines, lift, tone and amplify overall radiance — even after just one use. The FDA-cleared technology is so potent that using it for just a few minutes, one to three times a week can result in transformation that gives Botox a run for it’s money. Use this beauty gadget’s app to design custom facial ‘cocktails’  like a true pro, including a mini-treatment just for the eyes that’s quick as can be.  CHECK OUT

NUFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device: The Heavy Lifter | This FDA-approved mini microcurrent device is ideal for someone who luxuriates in their daily skincare rituals. While the lifting and firming effect can be seen instantly — ideal before a night out! — committing to just a few minutes of use each day builds up to dramatic results in just a few weeks. It also helps skin absorb products better when used before your circuit of serums and creams. Download the app for a personalized routine (ranging from five minutes to twenty) and be sure to take before and after photos to track the progress. Our team has been impressed. CHECK OUT

TCM Editor Tip:  Microcurrent conduction gels can get pricey, and aren’t always as non-toxic as we’d like. For a a more natural and sustainable option slather on 100% pure aloe gel instead.

FOREO LUNA MINI 2: the Deep Clean | Regular exfoliation is key for keeping skin clear, bright, firm and even. But scrubbing until our face falls off isn’t the best approach. This sonic-powered pod vibrates at an impressive speed to gently – but effectively – remove oil and dirt, minimize pores, reduce acne and increase elasticity without causing irritation. It’s 100% waterproof and made from silicone that won’t collect bacteria as most facial brushes do.  CHECK OUT
From the jade roller to gua sha, check out our favorite analog beauty tools here.
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  1. Readers should know that people with seizure disorders should not use the micro-current devices. People with epilepsy, for instance, should not use these devices. NuFace material in the package say so though many sellers do not point this out. It is important information.

    KDeiss | 03.22.2018 | Reply
  2. Hi can you please do a review of the nu face trinity vs the foreo bear?! I don’t know which one to get

    Lian Byrne | 04.21.2020 | Reply
  3. Agreed with the above commenter, would love a side by side look at the NuFace vs. the Foreo Bear

    ellie | 09.02.2020 | Reply

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