TCM x Vogue: Living Well with Celeb Hair Guru Jen Atkin

There’s no need to split hairs over who the hottest hair stylist in Hollywood is right now — though Jen Atkin could quickly style those strands back into place.

With clients whose names need no introduction, a luxe line of hair products and supplements with a digital life of their own, a successful digital magazine, and over 2 million Instagram followers, it’s no wonder why the beauty obsessed flock to Jen Atkin.

Looking and feeling our best are part of the same mission to live well, and we adore pros like Atkin who work hard to create undeniably stylish solutions for all of us. We’ve asked Jen to take part in our summer series in honor of Vogue’s 125th anniversary and their delicious collab with Pressed Juicery. Explore the full (and fashionable) series here and get to know the real Jen Atkin below…

this season in 3 words:

Really really busy.

my uniform this season:

Kylie “thiccck” merch sweatshirt.

healthy dish i rely on lately:

My husband’s home-cooked salmon and veggies.

always in my fridge:

Pressed Juicery and La Croix.

daily wellness habits:

Taking Ouai hair supplements, vitamin B, sleep.

to stay healthy on the run i...

Apple cider vinegar it every day.

natural beauty tip:

Go see Dr. Ourian.

always in my day bag:

Blotting papers.

health habit that changed my life:

Eating breakfast on the go.

on my bookshelf:

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

recent inspirations:

‘90s supermodels: Stephanie Seymour, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Shiffer.

cause that's closest to my heart:

Coding with Karlie, she’s the first .org.

my current mantra:

A flower doesn’t think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms.

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