Fashion’s Night Out LA: Lululemon Rocks Robertson

Last Thursay night, we got a taste of Fashion’s Night Out like no other on LA’s iconic Robertson Avenue. For one night only, the fashion faithful hit their favorite thoroughfare for a night of live music, entertainment and – most importantly – shopping!  The carnival-like atmosphere of this year’s FNO all centered around Lululemon’s brightly colored storefront, smack in the middle of all the fashion-friendly fun.  Surrounded by the best food trucks in the city, Lululemon was packed with LA’s most fit and fun shoppers swiping up the latest in Lululemon gear, enjoying custom cupcakes by DC’s famous Georgetown Cupcakes and plenty of fresh Pressed Juicery juices.

At the center of the scene Thursday night,  Lululemon’s windows hosted the most impressive entertainment on the block.  Acro Yogis’ incredible acrobats performed gravity-defying group poses to the tunes of a live DJ that had athletic shoppers inspired and passersby mesmerized.  We couldn’t get enough of their fascinating performance and imagine it had something to do with Lululemon’s fast-selling yoga gear that night!   The whole evening was capped off by the fitness-informed fashion show featuring Lululemon’s top ambassadors and educators decked out in Lululemon’s latest gear for fall. The infectious energy of Lululemon’s stellar crew, coupled with fresh juices and upbeat music made this night one to remember.

We asked our friends at Lululemon to fill us in on their top picks for fall, favorite products and personal mantras for the new season and found ourselves seriously inspired by their responses.  Retail therapy, indeed!
Brittany: Lululemon Team Leader

Favorite Pressed Juicery juice: “Love the Watermelon mint. So cool and refreshing. Yum!”

Favorite new Lululemon piece: “Love the tea lounge crops. The perfect light weight sweat pant, with just enough stretch and style you can wear them to bed, work out, or rock them with a light sweater, converse, and a cool hat. My absolute fave!”

Personal mantra:  “If you are open to coaching and feedback, you will progress faster in this life and feel more fulfilled and powerful than ever. This is the ticket to happiness and success.”



Diana, Jake, and Aaron: Lululemon Ambassadors

Favorite Pressed Juicery juice: “Detox 2 is a mojito waiting to happen!” -Diana

Favorite Lululemon staple piece: “The Mat is by far my favorite item.  I keep buying them even though I already have plenty.” -Jake

Most exciting thing about Fashion’s Night Out: “Meeting so many amazing people.  The Robertson community is like a family. Add in Pressed Juicery and cupcakes, and it doesn’t get much better than that.” -Aaron

Kate: Lululemon Educator

Favorite Pressed Juicery juice: “Anything with watermelon. I could drink those juices all day, every day.”

Favorite Lululemon outfit: “The Wunder Under pant and the Downtown Vest.  I love the vest so much, I went all the way to San Francisco to find it.”

Daily affirmation: “Go big or go home.  Simple.  There’s nothing else to it.”


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