TCM January: What’s In Our Shop + On Our Minds For 2016

It’s a season filled with aspiration–half hope and dreams, half anxiety and self-scrutiny. On that note, just a reminder here, you’re a human being – not a human doing. All that you’ll do this year is just about half as important as who you’ll become – although, clearly, they’re related.

Just like you, we’re poised to start the year right, recover from the indulgences of the holidays, and aim higher than ever before. But, in the midst of all the resolution making, word choosing, and pavement pounding, don’t forget to honor all you’ve done to get yourself to 2016 in one piece.

This January, we’ll be talking – what else? – green juice, detoxification, and finding balance through movement. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a few yearly cycles in place and a few days of juice cleansing at the head of the year is a habit we plan on keeping in place for life. We’ll be sharing tips and insights from some of our favorite pros and TCM contributors, as well as a personal perspective on the new year and wellness from our gorgeous January Guest Editor, Molly Sims.

We’ve stocked The Shop this month with tools that will help you accomplish your goals mindfully – and in great taste. For us, making the process fun and beautiful is key to making those resolutions last!

This copper water bottle has been super-popular ever since we mentioned it in this ayurvedic story. Stay more consistently hydrated, add minerals back to your diet (they’re sapped by caffeine, alcohol, etc.), and tote along a really useful, beautiful accessory.

A Pressed Juicery juice cleanse is part of our January ritual every year. Taking  that short, but long three days each change of season to hit the ‘reset button’ does a world of good.

We’ve included some gorgeous yoga gear, an adorable mug for teas and potions, and a couple of books that are inspiring our socks off. Enjoy our picks – and let us know what we’ve left off the list. Happy New Year, Chalkboard readers!

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