We recently caught up with Tyler Wells, co-founder of the ever hip & handcrafted Handsome Coffee Roasters in Los Angeles’ downtown Arts District.  Dedicated coffee drinkers know that there’s much more to the bean than just a one note cup of joe.  In what seems to be an effort to encourage mild to serious obsession, Handsome’s giant menu of beans from all over the earth is broken down into enticing genres such as Comfort and Adventure.  Whether you’re an addicted enthusiast with a highly developed palate or a quick and indiscriminate shot of espresso kind of guy, Handsome’s got you covered.  TCM loves companies built on passion, and Handsome Coffee Roasters definitely fits the bill.

The Chalkboard Mag: Why coffee?
TW: “It just captures you. We always say that coffee has the power to make you its slave. It pulls you in to a world that spans from global economics to brew ratios to agriculture strategy. There’s always more to learn. It’s also really delicious. Then there’s the social aspect. I’ve met some of the most amazing people through coffee, both coffee professionals and consumers.”

TCM: How did Handsome Coffee Roasters come about?
TW: “We had a notion to simplify the whole idea of what coffee can be. It’s as simple as great coffee and hospitality. We want great coffee to be accessible. We want to be nice to you. If you want to nerd out on coffee, we’d love to. If you just want to drink some coffee, here you go. Hope you enjoy it.”

TCM: Tell us about Justin the Beaver.
TW: “When we started all we had was a giant warehouse, an old van and a stuffed beaver. He’s been with us since the beginning. He was really the first thing that Handsome Coffee owned. He’s also CEO and president.”

TCM: What is your favorite roast/bean?
TW: “Currently it’s Mpito from Tanzania. It’s like Hawaiian Punch started making coffee.”

TCM: Drip cup or espresso shot:
TW: “Drip.”

TCM: The perfect way to have coffee is…
TW: “The way you like to have it. There are no wrong answers.”

TCM: What’s the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had?
TW: “The first cup Chris roasted at Handsome. It was an emotional moment.”

TCM: When you have to drink tea, what kind do you prefer?
TW: “Oolong. I’m a tea amateur, but I like it.”

Handsome Coffee Roasters is headquartered in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles, roasting and serving their own beans at their full-service coffee bar.

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