It was friendship at first sight when jewelry maker, Ariel Gordon, and tastemaker, Taylor Sterling of The Glitter Guide first met. The two stylish pros recently decided to collaborate on a small collection of classic gold lockets and we’re thinking they’re the ultimate gift this holiday season.

gold Friendship Necklaces lockets

Ariel made a name for herself with her chic, delicate, everyday designs — an ethos reflected in Taylor’s delight-inducing lifestyle blog. It was only a matter of time before the two teamed up to create something special. Get to know the two makers below, and discover their gorgeous collab here.ariel gordon taylor sterling collaboration Friendship Necklaces

How did you two meet?

Taylor: We met through a mutual industry friend, Maya Brenner years and years ago. I immediately fell in love with Ariel’s fun style and go-getter attitude. She was one of my favorite home tours / office tours we ran when we first started out on Glitter Guide. What’s great is we have stayed connected all the years. Now, Ariel lives in the Bay Area and we get to see each other so much more. It’s great!

Ariel: The Glitter Guide was my first real interview and feature photo shoot almost a decade ago! We shot at my Santa Monica apartment and my studio (that I shared with Maya Brenner at the time). I was so nervous! They are still some of my favorite pics to this day. Flash forward to last year and I moved up to the Bay area (even though the AGJ team and all of my operations still live in LA). Taylor and I reconnected and we decided to collab almost immediately.  Look how far we’ve both come!

Describe your taste in three words:

Taylor: Fun, colorful, timeless.

Ariel: Classic, approachable, happy.

What inspires you about each other and her work?

Taylor: I have so much respect for Ariel. She works so hard, she’s a mother of two, she says yes to so many things, she’s a real badass! I also am a huge fan of her work and wear her pieces every single day.

Ariel: In the great big sea of the internet, Taylor has consistently and kindly crafted a place for herself that is at once inspirational but also attainable and relatable. She juggles all the balls and looks so cute while doing it.

What's in your locket?

Taylor: Of course my two littles, but since I like to layer mine I also have one of my husband and me.

Ariel: A picture of my late mom and my dad from my wedding.

What jewelry do you always wear?

Taylor: All my rings. I have two of Ariel’s on every day. They have become a part of me. The locket has become the same. I never want to be without it.

Ariel: Too many to count. Today I’m wearing 10 rings, 6 earrings, 5 bracelets, 3 necklaces, 2 anklets, 1 toe ring. The ones always in rotation are my Imperial disc pendant, my love knot pinky ring, and my pave huggies (worn asymmetrically with a pair in my left ear) and a name it stud on my right ear.

What is your most treasured piece?

Taylor: I have a lot of things from the women in my family that I cherish. I have one of my mom’s vintage watches that I love. It’s so unique and not like anything else you’ve seen. I also have a ring from my sister that has my birthstone on it that means a lot to me.

Ariel: I wear my poesy bangle engraved with a line of poetry from my mom’s memorial.

What inspired the locket design?

Taylor: We wanted to create something modern but with a nod to vintage. We both really love vintage jewelry, but we wanted to create something that felt fresh.

Ariel: We zeroed in on a locket as our piece pretty quickly because we both love vintage jewels. I’ve always wanted to make a locket in LA but was intimidated by the production mechanics and requirements. Having Taylor in my corner gave me the extra push I needed to put my head down and figure out the details.

Favorite spot for a friend date in LA:

Taylor: …in SF: Tartine Manufactory

Ariel: Gjelina on the west side. Little Sister downtown. And…in SF: my new co-working space in The Wing. Or I love going to Swan’s Market to Cosecha in the East Bay.

How does this collaboration fit into your brand and future plans?

Taylor: The collaboration fits in perfectly by showing things that are a direct reflection of me, my brand and my work. I do a lot of design and product development, but it can sometimes get lost when trying to share on Glitter Guide. Having my own platform to show my passions, style and projects all in one place allows me to focus on them more. The lockets are something I’ve been dreaming up for a long time and I’m so excited I have a new platform to share them.

What is inspiring you right now with work?

Ariel: I’m working on my next collection right now. It has some fun baroque pearls and more personalized gold treasures that I’m known for. Stay tuned!!

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