Tay Tea: All About Healing Tea Leaves

Nini Ordoubadi has been perfecting the art of custom blending teas that not only taste divine, but also possess healing properties. Health benefits vary widely from tea to tea, but most share the qualities of being rich in antioxidants, boosting the immune system and strengthening teeth and gums.  Teas crafted as carefully as Nini’s can have a great variety of other healing benefits as well, with either soothing or rejuvenating qualities.

Nini created the name Tay Tea for her company simply because the word Tay is the oldest word for tea in Chinese. Tea has been been enjoyed around the world for centuries, but originated in China. The most common teas are black, Oolong, green, white, Rooibos and of course, herbal blends.  Most western cultures are more familiar with black tea, which is widely used in England, but white, green, oolong and black teas all come from the same plant camellia sinesis. The difference among them is the oxidation process or how long they are left to develop. White tea is the youngest of tea leaves and black is left to process the longest.

Nini’s teas go beyond the standard blends you may find on store shelves.  Shes blends using only organic botanicals and herbs and some of her blends are hands down amazing.  For black, we love Persian Rose with actual rose buds and petals. Her green blend Berber is called the tea of friendship and hospitality, a simple blend of gunpowder green and Moroccan spearmint. One of her prettiest teas is another black tea with violets and lavender, cleverly named Marry Me Again inspired by the eye color of Elizabeth Taylor.

We love Nini’s feelings on tea: “What inspires me is the simple truth that tea, like love, has no boundaries. It is available everywhere and within the reach of everyone. It is simple and pure. All you need is hot water and the patience to linger a few moments while the tea leaves dance.”

Nini’s exclusive line of hand-blended teas can be found at the fine home furnishing store ABC Carpet & Home just off Union Square in NYC. If you aren’t in the New York area, you can also find Tay Tea in TX, SC, NC, CA and of course, online. Tay Tea’s original tea bar is in Andes, NY and is utterly charming. Tay Tea offers a bar for tea or cozy spot to sip on your favorite blend and nosh on a slice of Vegetable Quiche. We love Tay’s sampler kits which include a variety of blends that you can keep for yourself or give as the perfect house-warming gift.

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