So you finally swiped right and have a real, legit date. Now what? First dates are a heart-pumping, jitter-inducing mashup of excitement, nerves, and usually, expectations. It’s normal to get that idealized picture in your head of how your very first romantic meet-and-greet’s going to go – but many times, we sabotage ourselves by over-thinking it to the point of mental frenzy. In the latest episode of Gabby Bernstein’s series with Glamour Magazine, Dear Gabby, life coach Gabby Bernstein is doling out key advice on how to, um, “nail it” on first dates. You know what we mean. Take Gabby’s advice that will serve you long past the first date jitters:


Envision. Envision how you want the date to play out. Just like other areas of your life, envisioning a positive outcome can create one.

Breathe. Instead of getting caught up in stress, take your yoga practice with you and breathe into the experience. Only that way will you create space for something new!


Get ahead of yourself. Leave failed past relationships at the door—and don’t get too far ahead of yourself. It’s easy to get mired in the past or project into the future. Keep this date about the present and the fun you are having together in the moment.

Change. Most importantly, don’t pretend to be anyone but yourself. Your authentic self is what makes you beautiful and unique, so let that shine!

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