Festival Season Jams: Workout To The Bands That Get You Moving

We can see it now: it’s apres-festival season and you’re playing catch up from the days, weeks, months of living it up. No judgement – seriously. We’re right there with you. Sure, dancing your heart out during the concert circuit of the year counts as a workout…but usually we overestimate how much of a workout it actually is (more on that below!). Coupled with weeks of street food and lazy days in the sun, our bods are begging us to pump up the (fitness) jam.

Whether you’re gearing up for your road trip or enjoying the festival buzz from home, get ahead of the game this season and plan to work out concert-style. We’ve even given music suggestions based on who’s showing up on stage this season. Dock your iPod, stream your Spotify list, or for the brave – bang out these workout routines while everyone else around you is busy head-banging.

Bodyweight Body Blast

The last thing you want to do when you’re on the festival circuit is lug around a ton of weights and equipment or ditch your posse to hit the gym. That’s why we love this year’s biggest fitness trend: bodyweight training. Get your workout in before, during, or after your favorite music performance – all you need is yourself.

Try it: 5 Killer Bodyweight Exercises To Do Anywhere
Listen to: Fitz + The Tantrums, Drake, Ryan Adams

HIIT Cardio Jam

Music concerts and festival shenanigans at all hours of the day – and night – sounds like a blast…until the morning after. The last thing you might want to do right now is exercise. However, we promise it’ll give you way more energy for the entire day – so you can do it all again on Sunday. We love this no-brainer 3-exercise wake up call!

Try it: 3-Exercise Wake-Up Call
Listen to: Bassnectar, Jungle, Madeon

Yoga Flow Down

With the 24/7 high energy of music festival experience, it’s essential to keep your mind and bod grounded and stress-free. Rolling out your mat for a quick yoga flow won’t just help you fit in fitness, it’ll keep you zen through the entire weekend.

Try it: TCM Grounding Yoga Flow
Listen to: Florence + The Machine, alt-J, Hozier


Why it’s festival-ready: We’ve been singing the praises of POUND since it hit it big a few years back. They’re now a worldwide workout sensation, and even have a “summer tour” series beginning April 6th that’s designed specifically to get you fired up for your festival of choice. Stream their workouts online, order a DVD – or get yourself a pair of Ripstix and POUND it out at your fave venue!

Try it: POUND Rockout. Workout Tour To Summer
Listen to: POUND Spring 2015 Mix (including Major Lazer, Big Data, Alabama Shakes)

Supercharged Dance Cardio:

This one’s a no-brainer. Concerts are synonymous with dancing, so why not put some strategy to your booty shaking? This month, intentionally think of your dance breaks as workout breaks, too. Try going all-out on the choruses, and keeping your dance moves at a moderate intensity during the verses. If you’re going through an entire album or set list, that’s a full 45 minutes (or more!) of heart-pumping cardio.

Try it: Blogiltes POP Cardio Dance Workout
Listen to: David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Tiesto

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