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So you’ve just signed up for your juice cleanse…now what? You’ve probably already cleaned out your pantry to get rid of those tempting sweets, stocked up on avocados and vegetable stock in case of an “emergency.” But what about your workout routines? It’s a question we get a lot – yay or nay? And to that, we give a resounding YAY. Listening to your body is crucial while you’re on any detox program, but getting in a good sweat actually helps the process, not harms. Not only does exercise stimulate lymphatic flow, blood circulation, respiration and promote sweating – it improves the function of kidneys, digestive tract, lungs and liver, all which help process and eliminate toxins released while cleansing.

Be mindful, though, that while you’re on a juice cleanse, exercise plays second fiddle, not leading lady. The best workout routines to do on a cleanse are ones that get your heart rate up slightly, help you break a bit of a sweat, and/or aid your body in its repair efforts. You’re taking in less calories than usual, plus introducing your bod to an entirely new way of functioning for a few days – be kind and gentle. Your workout routine might not be as hard-core or intense as usual, but you’ll reap the best results from your cleanse experience if you follow the less-is-more mantra. (Note: if you can’t help yourself and have enough energy to tough out that brutal Flywheel class, just make sure you’re supplementing with an extra Almond drink or raw food supplement to give you the calories and nutrients you need to prevent your body from freaking out. Trust us, we’ve been there and it’s not fun.)

Whether you’ve committed to a full day (or five!) of sipping on greens, roots, citrus, and fruits or are just looking to ramp up your resolutions, here are six different workout routines primed for detoxification – and our fave picks from around the web to get you started!


Is there any exercise more quintessentially detoxifying than yoga? Whether you’re warrioring it up or getting down with a grounded flow, many yoga poses are meant to give frequently used muscles some much-needed love, build strength in the smaller fibers that don’t get enough love throughout the day, and twist, stretch, and soothe the body into a lean, mean, detoxing machine.

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Okay, so meditation might not be a physical workout per se – but it’s definitely a mental one. Meditation gives your brain some much-needed exercise and your bod some necessary rejuvinating, allowing you to tap into your breath and ease everything from pent-up fear to that nagging anxiety which so often stands in the way of us and our goals.

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Foam Rolling

Foam rolling releases the lymphatic fluid in your muscles, acting as a magnet to pull the toxins from your body. The benefits aren’t just muscular, however – the connective tissue found woven throughout the entire body receives the benefits as well. Foam rolling releases tension in the tissue, promoting health and vitality of the fascia – mini fibers responsible for giving your muscles shape and tone. 

TCM Pick: Livestrong Women Foam Rolling Routine


Rebounding is our detox exercise de jour – all that low-impact bouncing up and down stimulates the lymphatic system, also improving circulation, cardiovascular health, even bone density and cellulite reduction. Best part? It’s ridiculously fun.

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Light Cardio

Aerobic exercise gets your heart pumping and lungs taking in the oxygen needed for all those detox processes to really ramp up – the trick is to stay at a heart rate and intensity that allows for swift recovery. Think a light walk or jog, cycling, hiking, elliptical, or quick interval routine.

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Don’t own a rebounder but want to have a blast? Hate cardio equipment and routines but want to get your heart rate up? Simply pump up the jam. Dance, whether you’re alone in your room or hitting up the nearest Zumba studio, is a top-notch form of low-impact cardio while you’re on a cleanse. So many people thinks “detox” means severe – but getting a little dance into day can remind you just how great it feels to do something good for your bod.

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