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We can’t stop watching beauty influencer Susan Yara on YouTube and Instagram. We’ve known Susan for years, mixing at beauty events here in LA and trading insights about our favorite products.

In 2020, Yara launched her own skincare line, Naturium, which quickly made it’s way onto the shelves of mega-retailer, Target. The brand manages to offer most of it’s cult-hit serums for under twenty-five bucks and is constantly expanding with new products like this winter’s body wash and cleansing balm drops.

As editors ourselves, we love to watch as so many beauty editors and influencers launch products of their own — we know they see all the good stuff and can spot the perfect gap to fill like nobody’s business!

Here’s a look at Susan’s daily beauty routine and her take on procedures beyond the vanity sink…

Inside Beauty Guru Susan Yara’s Skincare Routine

My Biz:

My skin type:I
 have normal to dry skin, and I get dark spots (hyperpigmentation) easily.

Favorite daily products:

+The Nuface Microcurrent Device to keep my face lifted
+ My own NATURIUM Fermented Camellia Creamy Cleansing Oil to cleanse in the morning without stripping my skin, but to also break down my makeup at night for my first cleanse.
+ NATURIUM Vitamin C Complex Serum to brighten my skin and keep it hydrated
+ NATURIUM Retinol Complex Cream is my go-to anti-aging secret for nighttime. If you can only choose one product for your nighttime routine, this is the one.

naturiumTrue Botanicals Resurrection Radiance Eye Cream because it visibly makes my under-eye area look plumper and smoother.
+ Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer Mineral SPF 47 Protect and Perfect is such a gorgeous sunscreen that makes my complexion look perfect.
+ EltaMD UV Clear Sunscreen is also a go-to when I don’t want a tint and need to wear makeup over it.

My skincare style: (meticulous or lazy ?) Meticulous of course!

susan yara founder

Why clean beauty matters to me or what got me into it: I don’t care about the concept of clean beauty as much as I care about beautiful formulations and innovation in products. The clean beauty movement is what first brought a focus to that, so it caught my attention years ago, but lately I feel like the term “clean” has become a catch-all for whatever a brand wants it to be, so I just focus on whether I like the products or not.

Beauty obsession of the moment: I love glowing, glass-looking skin. It looks so youthful and healthy. I’m never going back to matte skin ever again. Also, I recently got PDO Threads with Vanessa Lee at The Things We Do here in LA and it took a few years off my jawline. It’s incredible.

Key health habits for beauty: Sleep, sex, and good skincare. I’m most consistent with the skincare and fit the other two in when I can. Mom-entrepreneur life takes a toll!

Do you see a facialist or dermatologist? I think both are essential for good skin and serve completely different purposes. I religiously see Vanessa Hernandez and Dakota Katt at VH Skin in Brentwood for my facials, especially if I need to clear out my pores. I feel like a good facial complements a good skincare routine. It’s like revving up the engine. I also see board-certified dermatologist Dr. Nina Desai in Manhattan Beach for any of my skincare prescriptions and for laser or chemical treatments when needed. Now that it’s cold, I’m about to see her for a Clear + Brilliant session to tackle my constant melasma and dark spots that were leftover after pregnancy.

naturium routineMy go-to glow routine at night is:
+ Double cleanse with NATURIUM Fermented Camelia Creamy Cleansing Oil and a water-based cleanser as my second cleanse
+ Vichy Mineral89 Prebiotic Serum to hydrate my skin and set the tone for the rest of my skincare routine
+ NATURIUM Azelaic Acid Emulsion to calm any visible redness, keep dark spots away, and gently unclog my pores
+ NATURIUM Retinol Complex Cream or my prescription tretinoin to tackle all my aging issues—wrinkles, dark spots, lack of firmness, etc. I fully believe everyone needs a retinoid in their nighttime routine to see the most improvement in their skin.
+ Ranavat Brightening Saffron Serum to top off my nighttime routine when I want to feel like a queen. It feels amazing and has the most gorgeous fragrance!
+ The Feelist Do Not Disturb Extra Strength Body Cream is extra moisturizing for my body, has a calming fragrance, and helps me relax at night.

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