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Surya Spa, formerly tucked into an exclusive neighborhood atop the Pacific Palisades bluffs, has always been an insider’s wellness hotspot — despite the deeply down-to-earth vibe that accompanies their   classic Ayurvedic treatments.

Being an exclusive health and beauty haunt has it’s perks — especially here in L.A., where there is no shortage on women with the interest (and budget) for spa appointments that make them feel in-the-know.

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Surya Spa now has big plans to expand their mission of balanced Ayurvedic healing further, starting with their recent move to Santa Monica, where the spa has found a home within the stylish and accessible Santa Monica Proper Hotel.

Trendy status aside, a visit to Surya is a deeply holistic experience that will convert any Ayurvedic newbie into a big believer. Any treatment at Surya creates a deeper sense of connection with one’s body that can’t be denied. Newcomers should peruse the online spa menu to grasp just how different an experience at Surya may be from the traditional ‘Swedish massage and steam facial’ spa day.

We’re thrilled that Surya’s more accessible location (and exciting plans for the coming year) will connect more wellness-seekers with their founder, world-renowned Ayurvedic doctor, chef and herbalist, Martha Soffer.

Here are three compelling reasons to visit the new Surya Spa in Santa Monica…

3 Reasons We’re Obsessed with Surya Spa

Kelly Wearstler-designed spa and treatment rooms | Let’s go ahead and get the glossier notes about the spa out of the way: this new location is a sight to behold from start to finish. Designer Kelly Wearstler creates dramatic and emotional spaces as unique as they come. Surya’s new design reflect the hotel’s larger theme, an irresistible mix of ancient jungle and modern art.

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Expect to be greeted by undulating walls of handmade tile and then cocooned in the spa’s communal sitting room — a stylized version of Surya Spa’s original Pacific Palisades kitchen and the heart of a true Surya experience.

Surya Bread | Speaking of that cozy sitting room — where Panchakarma participant’s rest and mingle between treatments over kitchari and tea, Surya is famous for their Surya Bread. Imagine your grandmother’s zucchini bread, but make it wellness. Pre-treatment, spa-goers usually sink their teeth into at least one slice of this warm, gluten-free, and easy-to-digest bread with a generous amount of ghee and paired with warm tea.

The bread can be ordered from home, and we know many families who order it regularly. We recommend the Apple Date version. Surya offers a full range of herbs, skincare products and healing foods, but Surya Bread is by far the most notable. If you order from home, be sure to order the ghee too.

A Private Consult with Martha | Surya Spa is centered on the incredible expertise of their founder, Martha Soffer and a consult with her can be highly enlightening. Martha uses Ayurvedic diagnostics like pulse reading and tongue reading to assess your nature, your needs, and to create a custom treatment plan for you that might include simple lifestyle adjustments, specific herbs, or dietary changes. A consult with Martha is the ideal was to begin a Panchakarma experience that suits your specific needs.

surya bread kitchen

Panchakarma | At the heart of Surya Spa is the traditional Panchakarma, a 3 to 28 day experience. “Panchakarma is Surya’s nourishing series of Ayurvedic treatments that restore mind, body, and spirit. Treatments last 4 hours per day, with two highly trained therapists working in perfect synchrony, using herbalized oils that are cooked each night for each guest.”

Learning about the Panchakarma treatments will help you absorb just how different an Ayurvedic spa experience is from most modern day spas. Treatment may include Abhyanga, a massage with warm herbal oils that requires two therapists, Vishesh — an Ayurvedic version of deep tissue massage, and Shirodhara, a treatment in which warm oils are ceremoniously poured from a cone onto your forehead while you recline.

If you’re looking for a next level reset, Panchakarma can be an incredible experience, full of self-discovery, healing — and a whole lot of Surya Bread,

Note that a 28-day program isn’t required to enjoy the spa. We recently visited Surya for two hours of Abyhyanga massage and left totally restored.

Have you tried Panchakarma or been to an Ayurvedic spa? What was your experience?


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