Of all the spa experiences we’ve ever tried in Los Angeles, Surya Spa has been the most incredible. Surya Spa, perched in a beautiful residence on the cliffs of the Palisades, has been the insider wellness babe’s go-to spot for detoxifying Ayurvedic treatments for years.

Starting this week, and at every change of season throughout the year, Surya’s Martha Soffer will be available for this indulgent menu of treatments below exclusively inside the super luxe Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

Offering their mind-blowing seven day Panchakarma Series, along with a series of morning and evening treatments that can be enjoyed on their own, we’re not sure there’s ever been a more dreamy collaboration on the spa front.

Martha is a world-renowned expert in Ayurveda, specifically the Panchakarma. This ancient traditional method of detoxification and rejuvenation is essentially the most luxurious detox you could ever dream of. While the panchakarma diet usually entails a light diet of kitchari, herbal teas and little else, you’ll barely have time to miss any richer meals while enjoying hours of massage given two practitioners at a time with custom blended oils and herbs. Each panchakarma experience is different, depending on personal needs and can include saunas, steams, hand and foot treatments and even colonics.

The full panchakarma experience in this case is pricey – over $5,000 including meals. We’d say it’s an incredible investment in vital health, but if the price tag sounds too steep, check out the below menu of morning treatments available a la carte. Emotional cooling? Deep love and deep sleep? Sign us up!

ONE-WEEK PANCHAKARMA SERIES|Total Transformation: Panchakarma is a nourishing, detoxifying and restorative series of therapies that last four hours a day, for seven consecutive days. Two therapists work in synchrony on each guest, with each treatment, along with each guest’s oils, custom designed to rejuvenate and address specific healing needs. These transformative therapies of Panchakamra leave each guest in a enhanced state of health and wellbeing that carries on for many days and weeks. Ayurvedic lunch and dinner are also provided.

ABHYANGA + SHIRODHARA|Nourish & Restore: Abhyanga is a rejuvenating four-handed warm herbal-oil massage designed to nourish your body, open natural energy channels and restore a lasting and youthful glow to your skin. This truly luxurious full-body therapy is followed by a Shirodara, a treatment in which herbalized oil infusions are poured in a gentle, flowing stream over your forehead. Deeply relaxing and restorative, this healing treatment dissolves stress, calms the nervous system and brings warm peace and contentment.

UDVARTANA |Radiant Energy: An energizing four-handed treatment with warm, herbalized oil, followed by an invigorating full-body ayurvedic scrub made of healing herbs, green coffee and sesame oil. An Udvartana promotes weight loss, increases circulation and charges your system with natural energy.

PINDA SWEDANA|Emotional Cooling: Pinda Swedana is a soothing treatment in which four oil-soaked muslin pouches — filled with organic herbs, flowers and milled grain — are massaged by two therapists over your entire body. This therapy rejuvenates muscle tissues, improves circulation and cools excess heat from body and emotions, creating a state of poise and balance.

FULL NASYA|Elevated Vitality: Nasya is an invigorating and clearing therapy that focuses on face, neck and shoulders. Purifying and heavenly at this same time, a Nasya relieves tension with herbalized oils, ancient massage and traditional ayurvedic wood and bone tools. A cleansing aromatic steam helps open sinuses, clear the mind and leave your physiology in a state of enhanced vitality.

ABHYANGA + CHAKRA LIGHT BALANCING|Lights & Bliss: The rejuvenating and nourishing four-handed herbal-oil massage of the Abhyanaga is here followed by traditional ayurvedic color therapy, using the famous light tables of João de Deus from Brazil. Combined with a soothing guided meditation focused on, according to your preference, issues such as your health, karmic situation, relationships or even your spirituality. A profound and transforming experience.

MARMAS + DHARAS + PICHUS|Deep Love & Deep Sleep: Marmas, Dharas and Pichus are gentle ayurvedic therapies that enliven secret ayurvedic energy points through the sense of touch, fragrance, herbalized poultices and customized wells of healing oils, melting you into your own physiology until a sense of love and bliss fills your awareness. These therapies remove accumulated stress so completely that a deep peace settles over you, preparing you for a night of refreshing and even heavenly sleep.

Have you ever done a Panchakarma or other Ayurvedic detox treatments? What was your experience?
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