Remember as a kid how this was the time of year to get out and explore? Since the season’s now in full swing, we’re determined to get out of the office, into the sun, and bring a little of that adventurous spirit back to our summer! That means we’re finally trying out what’s maybe the most quintessentially “California” summer activity of all – surfing.

We know. It’s ridiculous that we’ve got the entire Cali coastline at our disposal but don’t even know where to begin. So when we learned our Venice Beach neighbors at Mollusk Surf Shop also had a shop minutes away from the San Francisco Pressed Juicery outpost, we knew their founders John McCambridge and Johanna St. Clair could shine some light on not only the best surf spots from North to South – but where to kick back and hang out post-surf, too. This list includes sea otters, kelp beds, and refueling with pie, so obviously we’re sold. Whether you’re a newbie (like us) or a seasoned pro (like this girl!), these six must-stop surf spots will have you hopping into your car and catching waves faster than you can say hang ten

Top 3 Surf Spots, Bay Area:

Anywhere in Santa Cruz

Why: Kelp beds, sea otters, and long peeling waves
Where to go after: Dharma’s Restaurant in Capitola – a ’70s style heath food cafeteria!

Bean Hollow

Why: The waves aren’t ever that good…but the setting can’t be beat!
Where to go after: Duarte’s in Pescadero for delicious pies

Ocean Beach

Why: Because it’s near Mollusk…of course!
Where to go after: Mollusk, General Store, and Outerlands

Top 3 Surf Spots, SoCal:

Venice Beach

Why: Muscle-men, high-end snacks and overgrown succulent gardens.
Where to go after: Mollusk, Gjusta Bakery, and a stroll around the canals.

Leucadia in Encinitas

Why: Warm water and gentle waves
Where to go after: Pannikin Bakery and Surfy Surfy

Ocean Beach San Diego

Why: Funky beachtown vibes
Where to go after: A stroll along Sunset Cliffs

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  1. Call your article something different from top 6 surf spots all of these spots suck except ocean beach SF.
    Maybe “after surf spots”

    Ernest | 06.25.2015 | Reply
  2. Huntington Beach didn’t make the list? Trestles didn’t make the list? I guess they are good enough for World Cup Surfing Competitions, but not good enough for the list???? Strange.

    The Wedge is also missing. Another weird miss.

    Anja | 06.25.2015 | Reply
  3. Minus naming Santa Cruz(no actual spots listed) you couldnt have gotten this pointless article more wrong. Venice? Bean Hollow? Really? These are locations on the coast, not surf spots. Even the picture in this article shows Rincon, but its not even mentioned. Here’s an actual list from someone who actually surfs, starting from Oregon to San Diego: Crescent City, Patricks Point, Big Flat, Point Arena, Fort point, Ocean Beach, MAVERICKS, Four Miles, STEAMER LANE, PLEASURE POINT, Moss Landing, San Dollar Beach, Hazard Canyon, Jalama, THE RANCH, Sand Spit, RINCON, Ventura Point(Overhead), MALIBU, LUNADA BAY, HUNTINGTON, The Wedge, Salt Creek, San Clemente, ALL OF TRESTLES AREA, Oceanside, Tamarack, Grandview, SWAMIS, Cardiff, Seaside Reef, BLACKS, La Jolla Cove, WINDANSEA, Big Rock, North & South Bird, PB Point, Tourmaline, PB and MB, Ocean Beach, ALL OF SUNSET CLIFFS, Dount Holes, Dolphin Tanks, RALPHS, Coronado and Imperial Beach.
    That is all. Better luck next time.

    Keaven | 07.24.2015 | Reply

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