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    Tongue Scrapers, Gum Drops + Other Essentials For a Healthy Mouth

    We’re just going to assume you brush your teeth every day. If you’re advanced, you floss. But did you know that there is a whole world of (pretty cool) wellness tools made for your mouth?

    In yesterday’s story with Dr. Gottfried, she shares “If you don’t floss, your risk of mortality is 30 percent higher and if you see the dentist only once per year, you raise mortality by 30 to 50 percent. Flossing can prevent periodontal disease after as little as one month of regular use.”

    That was the reminder we needed to keep the little health chore going strong everyday. The health of our teeth and mouth is deeply related to your overall health and immunity. From flossing with oil (a total gamechanger!) to oral probiotics, this list might up your game when it comes to oral care and uplift your overal health…

    Take Vitamin C | Vitamin C is needed for healthy gums, reducing the incidence of bleeding gums, gingivitis, and even periodontitis. We love New Chapter’s fermented Vitamin C complex that includes a host of immune boosting and stress fighting herbs.

    try bamboo or horsetail tea | Silica (this herbal formula is our fave) helps the body to build collagen and strengthen connective tissue like fascia, cartilage and bones; as well as teeth, skin, and hair. You can get herbal teas with horsetail (silica) in them or buy a daily supplement like this one. Bamboo tea is also rich in silica and has a ton of collagen-building benefits.

    LIVING LIBATIONS OZONATED HAPPY GUM GEL | This unique gel is made with organic and wild natural ingredients and acts like a super-charged, botanical toothpaste-slash-massage gel for your gums. Add an oxygen-rich drop to gums after a meal out for a blast of healing freshness or use it to oil flossCHECK OUT
    living libations gum drops oil | When flossing, add a dab of mouth-friendly, bacteria-killing essential oils to the floss. The oils seep into the tiny places that floss cannot reach and packs a punch of anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal power to your daily routine. We love the Happy Gum Drops for this. CHECK OUT
    sunstar gum stimulator | Some people are crazy about flossing. Those people should check out this old school tool ideal for clearing out whatever gets stuck between your teeth and gently massaging gums to stimulate blood flow and promote solid oral health. You can use this low-tech tool to check the tenderness and health of your gums. CHECK OUT
    Salt Water Swish | Another thing we learned from Nadine Artemis’ book on the topic was to keep a jar of salt water by the sink to swish like mouthwash. The salt helps to clean and rebalance the pH of your mouth after coffee, snacks or before brushing itself. Add about half a teaspoon of good grey or pink salt to your jar, cover in boiling water and let cool. Once the salt is dissolved, top with water and leave in the bathroom counter where you can use it.
    Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus oral probiotics | Bad breath? Check your gut. These lozenges contain over 1 billion lactobacillus probiotic strains to freshen your breath while boosing overall immunity. CHECK OUT
    copper tongue scraper | Don’t underestimate the simplistic design of this ancient tool. Used in Ayurveda for centuries, the practice of tongue scraping has some major benefits — learn about them here! Toss this little tool into your Amazon cart and give it a try. We promise you won’t be disappointed. CHECK OUT
    Dr. Tung’s ionic toothbrush | This ionic toothbrush is both more powerful and more sustainable than your average brush. Instead of trying to force plaque off the teeth by friction alone, the ionic vibrations of this electric brush makes the teeth let go of plaque, like turning off a magnet! CHECK OUT
    desert essence tea tree oil floss | This naturally waxed dental floss has antiseptic properties from tea tree oil. Use it daily to keep gums happy, teeth clear and breath fresh AF.  CHECK OUT
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