Superfood, Supermodel: Why Juice Cleanse According To Molly Sims

Our Thanks to Molly for understanding that every body is different. Cleansing is a process and  we aren’t all built to go through it in the same way.

Don’t be fooled by those Southern roots, Molly Sims knows a thing or two about juice cleansing And we’re listening up.

These helpful tips for juicing come from her book, The Everyday Supermodel – and whether you are trying to squeeze healthier foods and green juice into your diet daily or are about to tackle a five day’er, Molly has valuable insights. Grab her favorite cleansing green juice recipe below and get cleansing…

I wasn’t raised in Berkeley, California, where the slow-food movement and hippie-health stuff started ages ago. I’m from Kentucky. Our idea of health food is fried okra. Places like the Ashram and We Care here in California gave me my first real understanding of the wider world of health and wellness. Opening my mind to new, and sometimes unconventional, ideas has helped me to better understand my body and has provided me with strategies that have worked for me. The takeaway here is, be open and don’t be afraid to try new things. Do your research and make sure they are safe for you and then go for it.

Fasting doesn’t have to be scary. For me, it’s part of being healthy and reboots my system when I get off track. It reminds me to slow down, have patience, and get a handle on cravings and desires. And while our bodies and organs are generally efficient at detoxifying, I believe giving them a little R&R is a good thing. Fasting is something I do, but I understand it might feel too extreme or challenging for some – and that’s okay. There’s still a lot of great information (shared below) about detoxing the body and improving your health, even if fasting is not your cup of tea.

I try to drink a fresh veggie juice every day. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrition, loaded with live enzymes and soluble fiber, it gives me a ton of energy – and does a brain and body good. You can liquid fast for just one meal a day with your green juice.

WHAT EXACTLY IS FASTING? During a fast there is no chomping of anything. It’s all liquid, baby. And lots of it. Fasts are believed to get the junk stuck in the body – mucus, toxins, waste, bad bacteria – the hell out! If you’ve never fasted, fasts should be monitored by a certified doctor or nutritionist.

Fasting Basics


While you fast you should only be consuming liquids. Those liquids can be water, juice, tea or coconut water. The Master Cleanse is a popular fast and involves making a drink from cayenne pepper, agave, water and lemon juice. I’ve never done it, but my girlfriend Marguerite swears by it.


You can fast for one meal, say breakfast, or one day, as in just liquids all day. Or longer. Remember that everybody is different.

Body changes:

You are detoxing, so some people first experience minor breakouts, headaches and lethargy, but then breakthrough and have clearer skin, a clearer head and more energy. The first day or two of a fast, I’m a zombie, but by the third day, I feel better.

Ease in and ease out:

Don’t go from eating burgers and fries every day to a seven-day cleanse and then immediately go back to eating burgers and fries. A week or two before you start your monitored cleanse, make an effort to eat lots of veggies and drink a lot of water. Start to cut out processed foods from your diet. Same goes for after your cleanse is completed. Don’t sink your teeth into a slice of pizza and an ice cream sundae the day you are done. Start by incorporating soups and foods that are easy to digest.


Always consult with a nutritionist or doctor before beginning any fast that is longer than a day, and make sure you are being properly monitored throughout the process.

Know this:

You might not feel well. You might even feel sick. Feverish. Just plain yucky. Some people feel like they are on the top of the world, others like they just watched Miley Cyrus on the MTV Music Awards… nauseous and disturbed. Know that a lot of reactions are normal. That’s why you need to be monitored!


According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman: “To fast is to abstain from food while one possesses adequate reserves to nourish vital tissues; to starve is to abstain from food after reserves have been exhausted so that vital tissues are sacrificed.” In normal people words, yes, a fast is safe – if you have “adequate reserves.” If you have extra weight on you… you have adequate reserves. But again, always check first with your doc or accredited nutritionist.

THE benefits:

That plateau you’ve hit? That weight that just isn’t budging? Adios! Fasting can help to break through that blockage and improve metabolism function. Something even more valuable in for the long run? Fasting can help reset our taste buds and shift unhealthy cravings for things like sugar and fat, to healthier ones. This is one of the most powerful, long-term benefits of a fast. It can even help us kick addictions. I honestly found that I craved less salt and sugar after I finished my first fast. Fasting also allows your organs to rest, because the digestive system doesn’t have as much work to do. Fasting fanatics argue that the abilities of our detox organs, such as our skin, kidneys, liver and lungs, to process waste and eliminate toxins greatly increases.

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My Favorite Green Juice by Chef Gavan
Yield: 2 1/2 pints of super-sized nutrition


1 bunch Swiss chard
2 small bunches of spinach
2 small gala apples
6 stalks of celery
1 small piece fresh ginger, peeled


Juice and enjoy!

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