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    Superfood Spotlight: Wheatgrass

    Superfood Spotlight on: Wheatgrass

    What You Should Know: These unassuming little leaves of grass may look more like lawn clippings than miracle food, but the powers of freshly juiced wheatgrass are widely known and highly regarded. Blades of grass are like nature’s little solar panels – absorbing sunlight and converting it to one of our most vital life sources: chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is close in resemblance, chemically, to our own blood and is a powerful blood-builder, exhibiting cleansing and healing effects for the whole body. Wheatgrass is a rich source of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

    Why You Should Use It: Shots of freshly juiced wheat grass are highly nourishing and can aid your body in it’s daily detoxification process. Wheatgrass shots make great supplements during juice cleanses. Some proponents of wheatgrass claim that one shot of the juice has the nutritional value of up to 350 pounds of garden vegetables! Needless to say, this pure shot of green packs a nutritional punch. We recommend trying your first shot of wheatgrass on an empty stomach for maximum absorption and following it with a small apple juice chaser. Follow with plenty of water in the hours that follow. Wheatgrass is highly alkalizing and purported to have an anti-bacterial effect, to support skin healing, respiratory function and gastrointestinal health, and to restore fertility. With such an intense amount of green packed into such a tiny package wheatgrass shots are just one more way to infuse your body with the intense health-building power of alkalizing greens!

    Let’s Get Together: We love this sweet little idea for growing a few little wheatgrass sprouts yourself at home. Not enough to juice, certainly, but enough to intrigue a few holiday house-bound children with the excitement of growing their own greens at home! This tiny little grass garden grows fast enough to make morning check-ins with visiting children a thing of wonder this season. For a full dose of green grass, stop for a shot with your morning errands each day or add the powdered form to smoothies and juice. Stay tuned to our site as we bring you expert advice in early 2013 from a few of our favorite green juicing experts.

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    1. Is it the grass that produce wheat grain or the grass that produce things that looks like wheat? Please add the matured picture of the wheatgrass

      Lady B | 11.23.2016 | Reply

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